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Usage of Alert in Quality Management systems

After a year past implementation it was time to increase the effectiveness of the system. Quality managers who were now working on a strong framework of SAP QM wanted more and easy environment to deal with rejections, prior intimation for scheduled audit & jobs, closing of non conformances on time etc. Intention was to reduce Cost of poor quality and increase the system effectives. After discussions one of the decision taken was to develop Alert Management System as it was readily available in the system.It was indeed a perfect solution to many of the issues which managers where facing on daily basis.With demand for action on time and with necessary the escalation system the alerts were really effective.These alerts where routed through Authorization roles and intimated the relevant persons for their actions.I would like to share some of them with the community

  • Alerts for Rejection and Scrap
  • Rejection and scraps of material are normal scenarios in shop floor and cases are many when the QM personnel have rejected the material and the intimation has not gone to the stores person creating a lot of havoc on the floor. We dealt with this by triggering alert to the concerned person mail ID mainly purchase, stores, quality, production when the Usage Decision is rejected .The benefits have been many like stores person moving the rejected stock to rejected Storage location,   purchase dept quickly intimating the vendor and doing the necessary follow ups and there by reducing material shortage issues for production . And if the rejection is of high value it gets escalated even to the plant manager. A screen shot shown below


  • Calibration of Test equipment
  • It was very difficult to remember and check each time for schedule dates of calibration for test equipment.It becomes more difficult if you are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of equipments. An Alert system was created so that the Equipment Manager of each plant will receive intimation 15 days advance of the schedule date of the equipment. This very much helped in preparing and arranging for the calibration of the equipment on time

  • Notification Task
  • Notifications which is a perfect tool for handling all kinds of non conformance, but it was very difficult when task owners of the notification are in different location and also follow up was not easy. We made a system such that when the task is released by the co-ordinator intimation goes to the task owner conveying the task he has been assigned and the end date for the same. Along with this we made a deadline monitoring system for the task so that till the task owner completes the task alert will go to him in frequency of  -15days, -7 days on date  and then +7,+15 and then get escalated to respective managers. The benefit being the closing of the notification on time

  • Audit Management Systems
  • Audit for Quality managers have been quite a lethargic job , which include preperations,intimations to auditors & Auditee, closing of Non conformance etc. To simplify some of the process we developed alerts like alert for Approver for Approving the audit plan, intimation to person responsible when the Audit is released, deadline monitoring for CAPA which works same as that of that mentioned in Notification Task alerts. This has helped in closing the CAPA on time and effectively.

    These alerts have really given real time benefits as it has reduced lot of manual interventions. Taking a point that too many alerts will destroy the purpose for which it has been made for we have designed only a few which has been very needy and useful for the users

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        Author's profile photo Former Member
        Former Member
        Hi Gajesh
        The efforts you have put to get the results on subject topic seem to be fantabulous. Can u please send me the process settings for the following.

        1. Calibration of Test equipment
        2. Notification Task

        venkata varanasi

        Author's profile photo Gajesh Nagesh
        Gajesh Nagesh
        Blog Post Author
        Dear Venkata

        Thanks for the comment.

        1) For calibration we have set up alert based on the order scheduled dates. This is a background job which checks for  the schedule dates and sends alert to Equipment manager derived roles( for a particular plant) on time basis (+30 to -30 date - weekly)

        2)For task owners we have set up alert along with the worklow to intimate the him the task and based on the deadline manager we have defined the alerts till the user completes the task.

        If you need more information please let me know



        Author's profile photo Former Member
        Former Member
        Can you let me know, how to set it it a configuration object?
        Author's profile photo Gajesh Nagesh
        Gajesh Nagesh
        Blog Post Author
        Dear Jogesh

        This link will help you in understanding the alert management better