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An ERP? Hottest IT Skills Now even in a Recession ?

                 An ERP? Hottest IT Skills Now  even in a Recession ?   

Interesting thing to note, especially when there is a severe recession going on, and people are wondering what skills will aid them the most, SAP seems to be a light at the other side of dark tunnel.They seem to be SAP, Net weaver, Business Objects Skills. All of them SAP related.

In a recession like this, if you have certain kinds of skills, you are still needed a lot, and seems like you can even get good jumps in salaries.

Those seem to be SAP related or SAP’s other products, Net Weaver and Business Objects (SAP Bought Business Objects, a Data Warehousing and reporting software solution, some years ago) related.

There are two or three major lessons here: Net Weaver is an add-on tool that allows SAP to extend SAP’s benefits to medium and small sized companies, rather than Large companies that have been their market, traditionally. This is a validation of the SaaS approach to Enterprise ERP, as well as the dominance of SAP, still.

The second is that traditional ERP areas are still hot, and SAP still remains hot, but in a new way, when tied to their additional offerings.

The surprising thing in this survey is the continuing rise of popularity of Microsoft solutions, especially SQL server databases, and the steady erosion of popularity of Java based technologies.

May be someone on the ground has a different view, and a different set of observations from their vantage point.

References:     (Foote Partners: SAP Skills Becoming Critical Issue for SMBs)    (New Research Reveals Highest-Paid IT Skills and Certifications During the Recession)

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  • I think everything is hot to various degrees, measured differently and for diverse reasons.

    Can you explain to me what benefit I have from reading your blog?

    Is there any evidence to support your blog?


    • I was about to post the same question?  Where are the references?  Opinions are fine but they need to be interpretations of something factual for this topic.

      Netweaver is an add-on?  … is used to help primarily the SMB and not the Fortune 500 companies that SAP dominates?  You’ve got to be kidding. 

    • NetWeaver an add-on to what? I have found only marginally better answers than: “everything, not counting NetWeaver and the things built on top of it.”
  • First each part of SAP Product has it’s vast role to run a Business.ERP the base … but Netweaver forms the modern exposure of business that going in same phase.

    Your blog was more concentrating on recession and that culprit made you to hit Netweaver stack :))