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‘Tree, Tree, are you aiming for these people?’

Broken Wings

Last time on this blog, you may recall I was talking about my bathroom and the fun and games we have been having getting it re done, so excuse the ramble but I am going to start by continuing the story

After getting a quote from the guys to do the work, we started on the long and fraught path toward actually finding something that would fit in our police box size room, unfortunately this police box was not a Tardis, and no matter how many pictures I put up of Billie Piper it just would not increase in size, titter ye not at the back, this is serious!

As I said before, we had got a quote from one company, so armed with that, we went to a few others to get comparative quotes, all about the same for the work and fixtures etc, and just the fixtures from most of these seemed to cost more, one added 15% if they didn’t fit, not including delivery charge. So we continued looking.

As it was coming close to Christmas, we decided to leave it until afterwards, as the possibility of getting a good deal in post Christmas sales was quite high. Finally we came across a shop that had a sale on all bathroom stuff, and we found a corner toilet, shower and basin that would fit. Great, we also arranged for these to be delivered, and all was happy in the world…

One guy that was going to do the main fitting came about a week before and suggested that we tile the entire bathroom instead of just inside the cubical, no problem, just get more tiles, we did find some we liked, in the end on an end of line sale, 15 boxes for the price of 10 great.

You know when you know something is going to be very bad, I got home the first day that they started to do the work, to be told that the toilet wasn’t going to go together, basically, the cistern didn’t correctly fit the pan, after three phone calls to the shop, we would get a replacement, in three days.
Day two, I get a phone call to say that the lad they had working with them, had put his foot through the bathroom floor, into the kitchen, nice bit of ventilation.
Day 5, the new toilet had arrived, with the same fault, the only solution was for the fitter to drill additional holes into the pan for the cistern to sit on, then silicon seal them to make sure they didn’t leak.
All in all they finished the job, two days late, and guess what, the cistern has now developed a fault, if you run the tap or shower, or dishwasher or washing machine, the cistern starts to fill with water again, past it’s overflow level, and continues to fill until you flush it, according to the fitter, he thought this may be a problem looking at the design, but wasn’t sure!!! So back to the shop for me to see what the devil they are going to do about it, this I think is going to be an ongoing issue for sometime.


Ah work, that ‘hell with strip lighting’ © Dilbert, that place we go to ‘avoid talking to the wife’ © guy I work next to. There are days when it just all gets too much, take this past week or so. I am have finished with the scorecards for now, so back to the normal days graft. As I have said before, I do in the main like my job, I can pretty much do what I want so long as I get the work done that I need to, and this week has been fun, fun fun.

I got given a task to provide a couple of reports, one was pretty straight forward, the other was a little more complex, and have to say I am quite proud of.
Produce, by individual advisor a list of 6 random clients from the caseload, it has to be a report that the team mangers can run before they do a caseload audit, using those 6 clients as the audit clients, they must have had a face to face contact with that person in the last 6 months.

Oh yeah, no problem!!

Randomly generated results, 6 randomly generated results, 6 different randomly generated results, aarrgghh.

I have to say, there are some great forums out in the ‘net, not just the one here, but in other places as well, having created the initial report, and made a few tweaks to it’s layout and also tried to get what I wanted, I descended into a couple that I know well, both as a contributor and as a searcher, having spent about 25 minutes, and having tried a few different ideas that had been posted, I finally got part way to a solution, having played with that a little bit more I finally got a report that does what I want.

Looking back on it, it actually wasn’t that hard, but if you aren’t sure then it does make it more difficult.

By choosing the fields I wanted, then adding 3 fields to the report as well.
A random number creator and assigning that to each record
A Running total
A Datediff formula

By ordering the list by the randomly generated number, choosing only the running total numbers from 1 – 6, and datediff being greater or equal to -180, this gives me the 6 random records which have a contact that is less than 6 months old. I am sure that someone may come up with a better way of doing it, but this works for me, and gives me what I need.

The point I am trying to make, and there is one, is that sometimes a report can seem daunting on the outset, however, if you look hard enough, you can sometimes see that others have had the same problem, and thus a common bond is made, by using their knowledge, you increase yours. Of course, the trick is to also impart some of your knowledge back.

For that those of an interested mind set, the section titles come from songs by an 80’s band called Mr Mister, the main title is from the film ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’

Thanks for listening, and in the words of the late great Harry Houdini ‘No one will beleive I have six fingers!!’

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