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On Business Suite Value Scenarios…

We are getting some really good questions, comments and feedback from Marilyn’s Avoiding the Build and They Will Come Approach. Thank you, and keep them coming!

This is all good input for 2 things we are working on that will concide with each other in mid-May.

1. The ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar:

A BPX Guide to SAP Business Suite Value Scenarios
Take an inside look at how the SAP Business Suite organization is following a business process modeling approach to define, configure, validate and ship an extensive library of extended processes based on the comprehensive capabilities of the Suite. Organized by “Theme”, these extended business processes – or “Value Scenarios” are designed to leverage information from across the Business Suite (ERP, SCM, PLM, SRM, etc.), to engage multiple roles and lines of business (LoBs) into cross-functional processes that will streamline and optimize informational, physical, and financial flows. SAP Solution Managers, together with leading Customers and Partners will present how the value scenarios delivered by SAP can provide the foundation for new capabilities and processes that can provide competitive advantage and differentiation.

2. A *new* SAP Business Suite Themes and Value Scenarios section for BPX

Which is ‘planned’ to include a Wiki

For those that may not have as much familiarity with SAP Business Suite Themes and Value Scenarios, I would invite you to view a video featuring Jim Hagemann Snabe, Member of the Executive Board – SAP AG, presenting – at a high level – the purpose and goal of delivering Value Scenarios.

If you cannot access the video, here is a transcribed quote… (my emphasis added)

On Modular Deployment (Start Time 00:34)

“We (already) had the notion of modules, just very big modules. The traditional Suite was a combination of these different applications; ERP, CRM, SCM, etc – and the aggregate was “the (SAP Business) Suite”.

We have taken a new approach to this modular thinking.

Instead of looking at it from an IT point of view, and (segmenting by) different applications, we took a look at the business.

We tried to define end-to-end processes – we call it value scenarios – that help companies improve their business. These often go beyond the boundaries of the applications.

And so, the modular approach in the Business Suite is really about finding the right groupings of functionalities that fit a specific end-to-end process need – and accelerating that. So, we span the application boundaries, we bring the functionality and the information together – and focus the end user, and the line of business owner on the business rather than the IT.

So from that sense, it is a unique, new approach and it really requires that all of the pieces are built with the same architectural blueprint. Only then can you start spanning them and building more relevant modules – in this case, process-oriented modules – that span across.”

And, for those looking for a high-level overview and description that are very closely-related-to the SAP Business Suite Themes and Value Scenarios – please see “Executive View” on As Jon Reed mentions in a comment to my previous blog post, some things are “hidden in plain sight” 😉

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