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Internal auditing software

Internal audit departments are increasingly looking to SAP for solutions to their audit management needs. Their needs are quite varied, including requirements for data analytics and fraud detection, automated testing, risk assessment, deficiency tracking and follow-up, and management of the department as a whole.

About half the population uses desktop applications, in particular Microsoft Office. Many use TeamMate and Paisley. But these only cover some of internal auditors’ needs.

Awareness of SAP’s current solutions is low and we are working to improve that. Our BI products are powerful when it comes to data analytics, risk monitoring, fraud detection, and similar tasks. Of course, Process Control is excellent for automated testing.

But there are additional requirements and SAP is interested in understanding them and their value to our customers.

Is your company interested in this area?  What are your primary needs?  If you would like to influence SAP’s direction, please let me know.

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  • I have found that SAP’s attempt to provide useful transactions and processes to audit the SAP environment as one hit wonders. When good solutions are implemented, they are discarded and not maintained by SAP as releases move forward. The audit information system (AIS) and Management of Internal Controls (MIC) solutions are two examples. SAP receives detailed requirements and influence from customers, partially implement a solution and then after applying support packs or upgrades the solutions erode to missing variants, missing transactions, broken processes, etc. You need to be committed to providing the solutions long term. I am sure ASUG and DSAG have people waiting to provide influence and feedback. I am one of them.

    • Greg, thank you for the comment. I can’t speak to AIS as I am not familiar with it. However, the MIC tool has gone through an evolution and the next generation is receiving investment and support. The SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management and Process Control applicatiopns are the foundation of our GRC solution set.

      I would be happy to chat if you like.


      • Norman,

        This is the first I’ve heard that there even is a “next generation” of MIC. I was under the impression that MIC was obsolete.  If you are coming to TechEd in Phoenix, I hope that you can come to one of my Expert Networking sessions, EXP127 and EXP128, to tell us more about it. I have to agree with Greg that SAP’s approach to tools for security and audit has appeared to be very disjointed.