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Export or Preview Graphic of SE78

I found too many posts about Exporting SE78 Graphics because there is no option for Exporting Graphics in T-Code SE78 so I decided to develop a custom Application to overcome this exporting issue. The purpose is not only Exporting or Preview SE78 Graphics but I also consider so many other things for the beginners and frequently asked questions, like I used Sub Screen, Elementary Search Help, Structure, Some Function Modules and Methods which we often asked about.

Download .nugg file using link bellow and install this to your system using ZSAPLINK or follow the steps and code bellow to develop new.


SAPLink Package of Application


After importing all the components of application using SAPLINK to system, Please make sure that all that components are active. Following are the Three you need to active.

3. ZFSL_EXPORT_OR_PREVIEW_SE78 (Main Program, its Screen and Text Elements.


Create Search Help
Let’s Start from Search Help follow steps bellow to create Elementary Search Help for your section fields here we are going to create a search help which we will attach to the Four Field of a Structure and at the end we create selection screen parameter like this structure fields and find search help with all these four fields.
–> T-Code: SE11
–> Select the Radio Button Search help
–> Write name of search help I am using here ZFSL_SH_STXBITMAPS
–> Click Button Create  Create Button
–> Now from the appearing window


–> select Elementary search help and Click Ok Button  Button.
–> Fill the Field as in the following figure


–> Now Save Save Button and Active Active Button it
–> At the end it must be active as shown in the above figure.

Create Structure and Attach Search Help
–> T-Code SE11
–> Select the Radio Button Data Type
–> Write name of Structure I am using here ZFSL_ST_ STXBITMAPS
–> Click Button Create  Create Button
–> Now from the appearing window

Select Structure

–> Select Structure and Click Ok Button Button.
–> Fill the Field as in the following figure


–> Now Go to Entry help/check Tab to Attach Search Help
–> Click Button Search Help Search Help
–> Now for all Four Fields Select the Same ZFSL_SH_STXBITMAPS Search Help


–> It must be active as shown in search help.


* Main program.


* Screen 0002 in Screen Painter.


* Screen Elements


* Flow Logic of Screen 0002.


Create T-Code
–> Go to T-Code SE93 for creating T-Code
–> Write T-Code I am using ZEXSE78 in this program
–> Than Click Create Button Button.
–> Write Short text
–> Select the second Radio button Program and selection screen (report transaction)
–> Click Ok Button Button.
–> Write the name of you program My Program Name is ZFSL_EXPORT_OR_PREVIEW_SE78
–> Save it using Save Button Button.


Used T-Codes
SE38      ABAP Editor
SE11      ABAP Dictionary Maintenance
SE51      Screen Painter
SE41      Menu Painter
SE93      Maintain Transaction Codes

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks for the code, it worked well for downloading the Graphics. There is one glitch though. The button codes you provided had to be reversed. Otherwise they function oppositely
      Author's profile photo Mick Pichaloff
      Mick Pichaloff

      Thanks mate. This works like a charm!

      As Mukarram said, the functions for the buttons are reversed, that's the only glitch.