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Simple checks when you install Mobile plugins in NWDS

Hello folks

I have seen some difficulty in installing plugins in the NWDS for developing the  Mobile applications in the Mobile Applications for Handhelds perspective.

Here are some simple checks to see whether your plugins are installed properly in the NWDS.

1. You cannot see the Mobile Applications for Handhelds perspective in your IDE

First we need to check whether the plugins are installed properly. Just copying the .ecp files in to the plugins folder won’t help. You actually need to follow the steps in the URL mentioned above for installing the plugins. Also please ensure that the version of Mobile plugins and that of NWDS are the same. After you followed steps 1 through 4 in that link, the folder structure inside the plugins folder should look like this. (There are also other files like plugin.xml inside which you cannot see in the below image)



After you created the XOCA and NWMCLIENT inside folder and extracted the contents, the folder structure should be as shown below.


2. You can see the perspective, but you cannot create the components ( a UI component or a Service component )

The main reason for this could be that the dependent DC’s are missing or not accessible for you to create a component. You might see an error like this while creating the UI or a service component.



Go to the Development Infrastructure perspective  and check whether the required DC’s are there in the NWMCLIENT and XOCA. Also the My Comonents (under Local Development) should have NWMCLIENT and XOCA in the dependencies list.


The following DC’s are required to create a Service Component:

  • tc/mobile/oca/api

The following DC’s are required to create a UI component:

  • tc/cmi
  • tc/mobile/cfs/api
  • tc/mobile/cfs/core/wrapper
  • tc/mobile/oca/api
  • tc/mobile/wdlite/facade

The DC tc/mobile/wdlite/customcontrols/api is used for creating your own eSWT custom control.

If the above required DC’s are not present then please check the Step 1 as I mentioned above. 

Note: There was a strange problem I faced  in Windows Vista machine where all the plugins are installed, still the perspective is not visible. Then close the NWDS and again open it in Admin mode. It should work fine.

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  • Hi Vidyadhar, I have NWDS and MobilePlugins at SP09. One problem I have is with the supply function (in handheld projects) does’t work because don’t generate the method implementation, so my doubt is: this is a bug or simply the supply functions are not supported in mobile projects?

    Best regards,