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Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn and SAP Ecosystem speaking the same language

LinkedIn founder and CEO Reid Hoffman visited SAP today and gave a great talk and answered our questions.

Reid Hoffman and Zia Yusuf at SAP Labs

One thing that stood out for me was him saying: “SAP Ecosystem is the first time that a company is speaking the same language as we do.” He even quickly checked with Ellen Levy LinkedIn’s VP of Business Development and she noddet in agreement.

For me that is a big validation of what we are doing in SCN and the larger Ecosystem. If you take a step back it isn’t that surprising that the two companies with such a business focus are speaking a similar language, but to hear that it is the first time they encountered one is great.

Soon there will be some deeper linking between SCN Business Cards and your LinkedIn profile. We’ll keep you posted. 

Rest of the post is a copy of my tweets that I did during Reid’s presentation in reverse chronological  order (oldest first):

Favorite Reid quote today: SAP Ecosystem is using the same language as we do, which is the first time that this occurred.– Huge validation3 minutes ago from TwitterFox

Reid is using Twitter for more the broader announcement type questions. On LinkedIn you can see the profile of the answer -> Deeper content5 minutes ago from TwitterFox

Reid Hoffman is excited about Zynga. Social gaming is very hot: minutes ago from TwitterFox

RT: @pixelbase: @finnern still humming away “Ruby Tuesday”, by the way! 🙂 — Thanks for sharing. Does wonders for my bruised ego 😉15 minutes ago from TwitterFox

RT: @vijayasankarv:  Does Hoffman think there is a market for a product like linkedin within an enterprise supply chain — Sorry too late 🙁22 minutes ago from TwitterFox

Reid: We don’t use # of connections as reputation indicator. Don’t care about how many above 500 you have — @twitter please do the same.42 minutes ago from TwitterFox

@moyalynne room is packed, unfortunately @cwodtke is not in Reid’s entourage.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFox in reply to moyalynne

Reid Hoffman: “LinkedIn is a public professional network”.  LinkedIn helps individual branding / creating competitive advantage.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFox

Reid Hoffman: “What is happening for example in the development community regarding Ruby on Rails?” A lot regarding Ruby today on SCN 😉about 1 hour ago from TwitterFox – Reid Hoffman and Zia Yusuf at SAP Laps in Palo Altoabout 1 hour ago from TwitPic

Reid Hoffman has a philosophy degree from Oxford 😉about 1 hour ago from TwitterFox

Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn is visiting SAP today. Will present in a couple of minutes. Questions? 1 hour ago from TwitterFox

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  • Wouldn’t it be neat to have the linkedin profiles maintained for employees and business partners? For example – integrate it into buying center in CRM opportunity management, and then sales teams can generate talking points.

    I am planning to do one such enhancement in my current project for employee and accounts master data.

    • Hi Vijay,

      I think that is a great idea.

      One thing that I forgot to mention, he got approached by companies to create an internal directory for a company. First one to approach them about it was Google.

      Internal expert finders mostly fail because the data is not filled out by the employees and outdated before it gets really started.

      How smart to tab into the LinkedIn profiles that people are motivated to keep up to date and complete.

      Little side comment regarding complete, if you create an indicator that shows a percentage of how complete the profile is filled out, the likelihood of members completing it goes through the roof.

      All the best, Mark.

      • Mark, is there a way to bring this to the attention of the business suite architects? Maybe one of the future EhP can do this, and we won’t have to enhance it after all 🙂

        And I did notice that 100% completion made my profile show up more.

    • What an exciting idea, Vijay! I have forwarded this blog and mentioned your project idea to the person who heads up our e-recruitment support team. Thanks!