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Podcast: Common Misconceptions of Customers about BPM Initiatives

Business Process Management initiatives tend to evolve from one of two areas.  Often these sprout from the IT department, with developers eager to use the latest tools and methodologies for developing business process automation.  Alternatively, these initiatives come from the line of business, with managers looking to apply philosophies such as Six Sigma.

Business Process Management is really a melding of management philosophy and IT implementation – an IT-enabled discipline that leverages SOA applications, BPM modeling tools and agile development methodologies to orchestrate human and system centric business processes.

I was interested to know what kinds of issues BPM consultants face when they have new clients that are just getting started with business process management.  Does it make a difference whether the effort is driven through the IT department or the COO’s office?  What kinds of misconceptions do customers have about BPM, and how do you get clients off on the right path. 

I contacted Patrik Fiegl of SAP’s Business Transformation Consulting Team and Caspar Laar, Solution Architect of NL for Business to discuss this topic.  We decided to schedule an open conference call on April 15 at 8AM.  As a warm up for the call, I interviewed both of them about the typical misconceptions they’ve found in customers with both IT led and management led BPM initiatives.  Listen to the podcast here!


0:00  What are the typical kinds of misconceptions that customers have about BPM initiatives?

2:25  In your experiences, do most BPM initiatives tend to be IT-led or management led.  And, in either case, what tends to be the difference in terms of expectations and risk?

5:13  Why are we talking about long term programs for BPM when projects are typically much shorter with rapid ROI?

Join the upcoming BPM consultants open conference call:

“Getting BPM Programs Off to A Right Start With Your Clients”  April 15, 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern Register now

Patrik Fiegl,
Consulting Team
Caspar Laar,
Solution Architect,
NL for Business

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