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First thoughts on the ZOA superclass

An important objective of the ZOA project is to simplify access to SAP data and processes.  A standard set of methods, available for every type of data object, will be an important step in that direction. 

Here are my thoughts on the functions you should be able to do on any business object.  This set of functionality starts to define the ZOA superclass, which every ZOA data class will inherit.  Building these superclass functions generically will make it easier for developers to create domain specific subclasses (ZOA feature classes) for data objects in their expert areas.

This is another important goal of the project – to provide an accessible infrastructure that promotes sharing, and building on, expert domain knowledge.

Methods that read and write to the underlying business data

  • Read a row
  • Change a row
  • Delete a row  (may be implemented as flag for deleteion, block, etc)
  • Create a row
  • Search for multiple rows
  • List all keys (important for efficient SharePoint BDC integration)

Methods that provide information about the underlying business data (meta data and functions)

  • List fields and descriptions
  • List allowed values for a field
  • Check if an input value is valid for a field
  • Check user authority for fields and functions
  • Propose default values
  • List relationships to other business data… (this will be a fun one!)

Please suggest other functionality (workflow, debug and trace, logging, etc) you think would be useful across data domains.

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