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Another good reason to attend Sapphire/ASUG…

We have been working on something pretty special for ASUG this year…

Maybe you have seen or heard the term “Value Scenarios” in relation to the new Business Suite 7 – and are wondering, “What the heck is that? Marketing hoo-ha? Or, maybe this is something I should know more about?”

Or, maybe you are a Business Process Expert and you are wondering “Whats new in Business Suite 7 that can help me create more value for my company?”.

If so, then please consider attending this special ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar:

A BPX Guide to SAP Business Suite Value Scenarios
Take an inside look at how the SAP Business Suite organization is following a business process modeling approach to define, configure, validate and ship an extensive library of extended processes based on the comprehensive capabilities of the Suite. Organized by “Theme”, these extended business processes – or “Value Scenarios” are designed to leverage information from across the Business Suite (ERP, SCM, PLM, SRM, etc.), to engage multiple roles and lines of business (LoBs) into cross-functional processes that will streamline and optimize informational, physical, and financial flows. SAP Solution Managers, together with leading Customers and Partners will present how the value scenarios delivered by SAP can provide the foundation for new capabilities and processes that can provide competitive advantage and differentiation.

Although we could not fit everything into the 120 word abstract, I will provide more details in future posts.

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  • Hi Robb,  I am already really excited about going to ASUG and all the learning and networking, but the pre-conference session sounds awesome!  As a workflow person, I would like to be guided into the world of BPX/Business Suite scenarios.  Maybe *you* can teach this old dog some new tricks!
  • Hey Robb –

    I’m looking forward to attending this pre-conference day. I was at the BS7 announcement in New York City and it’s safe to say there was more confusion over SAP’s announcement of “value scenarios” than any other aspect of the BS7 features announced that day.

    Many seemed to dismiss these as marketing fluff, others, like fellow SAP Mentor Vijay Vijayasankar, left with curiosity and a desire to know more. I fell more into the latter group, having followed SAP for a long time, I like to think I can tell the difference between genuine SAP fluff, which certainly exists, and stuff that has a big future importance that is rolled out in an ill-defined manner.

    I had the chance to talk with Robb about value scenarios and during that talk some light bulbs went off for me. Robb, I’m looking forward to your blogs and I’m hopeful you will share some of the “hidden in plain sight” keys to value scenarios that are right here on that you showed me. It’s not yet not clear to most visitors the importance of value scenarios and how, if they can deliver, they will change the way we think of SAP applications in the long run.

    Look forward to reading more on your blog and seeing you in Orlando!

    – Jon

  • SAP needs to be clear on roadmap and cointinuous improvement of value scenarios in line with technology changes taking benefit of partner solutions. Why would one re-implement business process? SAP itself provides tools to develop composites to add flexibility to existing processes? Value scenarios sound good for new implementations but use of tools like solution composer, solution manager and solution builder and their role is not clear. Committments to improve this scenarios and provide upgrade path for existing implementations is important to motivate existing customers to adopt this change.

    I will like to know usage of Solution Composer, SolMana nd Solution Builder for implementation including new methodology is any I believe ASAP is no more applicable for such implementation.