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A preview of a preview of the ASUG conference and Sapphire U.S. 2009

Last year we met in Orlando, Florida.  This year, we are meeting in, um, Orlando Florida.  But we’re in a different building.  So those shortcuts and best wifi spots and water cooler locations, you’ll need to learn them all over again.  And what better way to learn the best way around the ASUG Annual Conference/Vendor Fair and SAP Sapphire than by seeking out those who have been there before, those who have built the agenda, and those who will be speaking?

On April 16th, the ASUG (America’s SAP Users Group) BITI (Business Integration and Technology and Infrastructure Community will give a conference preview. Our team includes several SAP Mentors, as well as conference speakers, bloggers, and subject matter experts.  Here’s a preview of that preview:

SAP Mentors

  • Rob Jackson
  • Sue Keohan
  • Gretchen Lindquist
  • Jim Spath
  • Srini Tanikella
  • Karin Tillotson

Srini might have a conflict during the webcast, and has been pretty busy lately with his first child, not to mention a recurring PI/XI webcast series.

We will touch on a few pre-Conference highlights, such as the SAP Microsoft Interoperability Session, give a short tour of the Agenda builder, and talk about SAP influence sessions that we will moderate or be attending oursleves.

Community Lounge

Several BITI team members are participating in ASUG community lounge sessions, separate from the education tracks.  These special events are your chance for one-on-one or group contacts with SAP and peer ASUG members in particular topic areas.  During the webcast we will focus on a couple of these.  I am a co-host of one for “Environment and Sustainability” and will be posting questions in the Sustainability & CSR on SCN to seed the discussion (don’t forget your water bottle!).

Education Sessions

We have programmed more than 50 of the education sessions to be given at the ASUG Annual Conference; we won’t have time to talk about all of them so we will highlight a few, and update the advance program with current data.


BITI community leaders are participating in 7 formal Influence meetings at the conference; in the webcast we’ll define the differences among Influence Council, Influence Focus Group, and Influence Strategy Session.

Special Guests

Mark Yolton – SAP Vice President will be on the webcast to talk about how the SAP Community Network and ASUG meet. 

Louenas Hamdi – SAP Research – presenting on Ajax Weaver, and talking about Mobile Technology tools.  Louenas is an SAP TechEd Demo Jam winner.

Open to All

The webcast is open to all.  The calendar link for ASUG members is here on and the agenda is on this wiki page. A free registration link for non-ASUG members is available on The webcast chat will be open for interchange among attendees.  We expect many conference speakers to be online.

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