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Video: Sun & SAP – The Optimal Utilization of Hw Infrastructures

In this video, Roland Wartenberg, Enterprise Virtualization Strategist at SAP, and Satya Krishnaswamy, VP Green IT at SAP, talk with Jim McHugh, VP Data Center Software Marketing at Sun, about Sun’s and SAP’s similar visions in helping customers achieve optimal utilization of hardware infrastructures.

Both companies promote a customer-driven approach for how companies implement a virtual environment which enables customers to choose the right virtualization tool for the job.

In the video you’ll receive details on SAP’s Green IT and sustainability program, a new benchmark (with Intel & Sun), and how co-innovation happens at the Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto.


Watch the 7:56 minutes video to find out more.


Sun is a sponsor at SAP Virtualization Week 2009 in Palo Alto, which means you have the opportunity to see Sun’s CTO, Tim Marsland participate in a panel discussion and two breakout sessions! Also an opportunity for you to ask your own questions.


Here some background details on the Sun-SAP collaboration and benchmark results that was provided to me by Christine Puccio at Sun Microsystems:

“The SolarisTM 10 Operating System (OS) on x64 platforms is supported on SAP NetWeaver. Whether the Solaris 10 OS is run on SPARC® processor-based systems or on x64/x86 processor-based systems, it provides the same features and functionality. From the day of its official release and on subsequent releases, the Solaris 10 OS provides support for all of its key features, including Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), Solaris Containers, an optimized TCP/IP stack, and the Solaris ZFSTM file system on both platforms without delay. Running SAP NetWeaver solutions on Solaris 10 on x64 platforms helps enterprises address the challenges of flexibility, price/performance, reliability, and security.”

“Sun, Intel and SAP deliver World Record Results based on _Unicode_ versions of SAP software:


Sun’s newest dual processor server based on Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, the Sun Fire X4270 (2 processors/ 8 cores/16 threads), running SAP ERP application Release 6.0 Enhancement Pack 4 (Unicode) with Oracle Database on top of Solaris 10 OS delivered the highest two-processor Unicode result on the two-tier SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark, as of March 30, 2009(1). Sun has been working with Unicode versions of SAP software for the past two years and has gained significant expertise in that area. This leading benchmark result highlights the optimal performance of SAP ERP software on Intel Xeon-based systems from Sun as well as seamless multilingual support available for SAP ERP applications.


1) Sun Fire X4270 (2 processors / 8 cores / 16 threads), Solaris 10, Oracle 10g, SAP ERP 6.0 (Unicode) results: 3,700 SAP SD Benchmark users, 20,300 SAPS. SAP certification number 2009005.Two-tier SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark”

Also see my blog about Peter Graf’s session on “Keynote: Why Green IT is Not Enough – Live or Online at SAP Virtualization Week 2009” at SAP Virtualization Week 2009.

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