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ZOA – taking the guesswork out of SAP integration

I have spent a large part of my 13 year ABAP development career looking for BAPIs and functions, and then trying to make them work the way I need them to.  With object oriented techniques this process can be quite challenging for novice developers and those connecting to SAP from other platforms.  It can be daunting for Java and .Net programmers to work with web services that boast over 1,000 fields in complex structures.  In spite of the advances in ES and PI, SAP can still be an enigma to those approaching it from other development environments.

This new project aims to provide a simplified interface framework for web services and internal developments, that can still scale to accommodate advanced features and functions, and custom functionality.

The objective is to facilitate access to SAP services and data by outside developers who are new to SAP, without sacrificing the ability for experienced developers to make the same services perform complex operations.  The framework must be flexible and extensible so it can be used on data across the SAP product range.

A number of structures and techniques will be used to achieve this outcome, and this blog will provide an ongoing commentary on ideas and approaches suggested by the community and incorporated into the project. 

If you are interested to find out more, please refer to the wiki page dedicated to this topic here and register your comments.

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  • The single major problem with enterprise service consumption has been the overwhelming service interfaces with huge nested structures . It would be amazing if you guys can help make it simpler.

    Cant wait 🙂 !