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How to deploy Crystal Reports 2008 runtime for .NET when the report is connecting to XML files

Running Crystal Reports that connect to XML files in a Visual Studio .NET deployed application, will result in the error:

 “Failed To Load Database Information”

Before proceeding with a solution, I want to be clear that my recommendation would be, if at all possible, to not connect Crystal Reports to XML files using the CRDB_XML.dll. Consider using ADO .NET datasets instead. Crystal Reports and ADO .NET dataset resources are listed at the end of this blog.

Now, the reason for the error is that the CRDB_XML.dll is not included in any Crystal Reports msm or msi files. The solution to this issue is relatively trivial, if irritating;

Find the file in C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsBusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0win32_x86 directory and ensure that the dll is installed to that same directory on the deployed computer. Simple copy may do, else you will have to create a directive in your deployment project.

A second and more involved issue is that the CRDB_XML.dll has a dependency on the Java Runtime Environment (JVM). Following are steps that will have to be taken in order to setup the environment on the deployed computer so that Crystal Reports will be able to function.

1.Install the Java(JVM) 2 Runtime Environment (this is essentially the Java Framework needed to launch the crdb_xml native driver 1.5 from the java sun web site at: web site

2. Create a java folder inside the “C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsCommon4.0” path

3. Find the Crconfig.xml file on the development computer (C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsCommon4.0java)

4. Copy the Crconfig.xml file from the development machine to the deployed machine into the “C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsCommon4.0java” folder. Open the Crconfig.xml file in Notepad and search for the line by default this installs to: “C:Program FilesBusiness Objectsjavasdk in”
Edit this path to wherever you installed the Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment 1.5 from web site.

4. Create a folder called lib in the “C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsCommon4.0java”

5. Copy over the entire contents of the lib folder from the development computer to  the deployed computer.

Note: An issue has been tracked (ADAPT00831070) when using the crdb_xml.dll. An application that uses the crdb_xml.dll driver, produces the following error on application close:

“This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

Resources for Crystal Reports and VS .NET Datasets:

Crystal Reports Guide To ADO.NET

Troubleshooting Issues with VS .NET Datasets and Crystal Reports Troubleshooting Issues with VS .NET Datasets and Crystal Reports

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi sir Ludek Uher,

      Id just like to ask if this issue was already fixed in the later updates of the crystal report?

      Im currently using VB.NET2010 with Crystal Report connecting to a XML file.

      My problem is whenever I copy or move the exe file (from "bin" of the project) to another location (ex: Desktop) or deploy it in a client PC. It can no longer generate the exact report.

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Ludek Uher
      Ludek Uher
      Blog Post Author

      Jo Japheth

      Please post as a Discussion in this forum.

      - Ludek

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi sir Ludek,
      Here is the link of the discussion I posted.

      VB.NET2010, MySQL and Crystal Report XML Datasource Deployment Problem

      Thank you for the reply.