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The introduction of Adobe® Flash® in SAP (sometimes refered to as Flash Islands) last year marked a new milestone in the cooperation between SAP and Adobe. This new capability of Web Dynpro allows for the true integration of rich internet content based upon the Adobe Flex Platform into the primary SAP UI technologies.

If you are unfamiliar with this new technology, it basically allows the easy embedding of Flex Components using the Flash Player into Web Dynpro Applications – either Web Dynpro ABAP (NetWeaver 7.0 EnhP1) or Web Dynpro Java (NetWeaver CE 7.1 EnhP1). SAP supplies both a Flex runtime and build time library that developers can use to enhance existing or new Flex projects. These libraries take care of the work to communicate data and events back and forth between the Web Dynpro Context and the Flex Component.  This communication is all done via the normal HTTP/HTTPS channel of the Web Dynpro applications and requires no knowledge of the inner workings of the communication on the part of the developers. Also, nothing additional needs to be installed on the ABAP or Java application servers.

Over the past few months, both Adobe and SAP have been working hard to offer as many learning opportunities around this new capability as possible.  We have a Wiki site with several tutorials, items in the eLearning library and in the SDN library. However today we are happy to announce a new consolidated “home” for much of this content:
Adobe® Flash® in SAP

This new page will consolidate all the learning materials and blogs on this topic from both Adobe and SAP.  We will have links to startup guides which help you learn basic techniques in Adobe Flex. You can access a trial version of the Adobe Flex Builder or buy the software directly. Also if you buy Adobe Flex Builder via this special link, you will receive a free SAP Press book.

So if you are interested in this exciting new technology, this will definitely be a page that you will want to check back often with.  New content and tutorials will be added frequently, especially over the next few months as we continue the initial rollout of materials on this topic.

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  1. Hi Thomas,
    I am so happy flash islands finally have it’s own home here on SDN! Looks like we’ve got a new acronym to learn to, AFiS.
  2. Former Member

    Great news! I’m evangelizing my company into the use of Flash Islands (Even when I haven’t use them extensively myself LOL).


  3. Former Member
    Hi Thomas

    Love your podcasts on egeeks.
    Can you confirm or deny if this can be tested in the new ABAP Trial version (SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Trial Version).


    1. Thomas Jung Post author
      Yes this should be possiblie on the 7.01 SP3 trial.  I haven’t used that trial version myself, but I have used the older 7.01 SP2 trial for creating Flash Islands based applications. 7.01 SP3 will have the additional advantage of having the Flex 3.0 version of the Islands Library.
  4. Former Member
    Hi Thomas!
    I can’t find requirements for Adobe Flash in SAP… You say about “Web Dynpro Java (NetWeaver CE 7.1 EnhP1)”. Can Adobe Flash be used with WD Java (NetWeaver 7.0) or not?
    And it will be great if you’ll give me requirements for Adobe Flash.

    regards, Lev

    1. Thomas Jung Post author
      No it can not be used with Web Dynpro Java on NetWeaver 7.0.  The Adobe Flash Integration into Web Dynpro is only available on Web Dynpro ABAP 7.0 Enhancement Package 1 and higher and on Web Dynpro Java – NetWeaver CE 7.1 Enhancement Package 1 and higher.
    1. Thomas Jung Post author
      First of all the concepts for FlashIslands integration in WDA and WDJ are exactly the same.

      I’ve only been creating FlashIslands tutorials for WDA, since ABAP is my primary area of responsiblity.  There are other colleagues charged with creating materials for the Java side. But as I said the concepts from the WDA materails should be very simple to adapt to the WDJ given the similarities.

      Doing a search on SDN here were some of the materials I found on WDJ and FlashIslands:
      The specified item was not found.

      SAP Libraries Required for Adobe Flash Islands in Web Dynpro

  5. Former Member
    So if I have NW EHp1 ABAP (7.01), will I be able to view Flash applications written for ABAP (Webdynpro) such as Performance Mgmt on a system running NW AS Java 7.00 with EHp1), or must I have NW CE 7.1?  What is the difference between NW 7.00 w/Ehp1 for Java and NW CE 7.1 with EHp 1 for Java?
    1. Thomas Jung Post author
      What do you mean by view Flash Application?  Do you mean run them in the portal? Yes you can do that in 7.01 portal (or even the 7.0) portal.  The ABAP applications don’t deploy to the portal and don’t rely on Java for the technical rendering.  It is all done on the ABAP backend. 

      What is the difference between 7.01 Java and CE 7.11 Java?  – A pretty big difference.  CE is Java EE 5.  New features for Web Dynpro Java are not generally delivered to 7.0x Java, but only to the CE codeline.


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