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Adapter Specific Queues in PI

  The original Queues (AFWCall, BCAdapter, CIDXAdapter  ( are still in this list but it has been expanded to include the above mentioned Queues for each Adapter Type.The +global+ property set defines the defaults for all adapter connections (queues).    The pollInterval and pollAttempts parameters define how often and with which retry interval the messaging system tries to retrieve the listener beans from JNDI at system startup. The maxConsumer parameters define the number of threads to be used to process messages in parallel for each queue type and for each connection definition. The Adapter Engine is able to send and receive messages in parallel by using respective send or receive queues for each adapter type. The name of the adapter type (and of the corresponding queue) is retrieved from the CPA cache, for example File_ To set individual values for a specific adapter type, we have to add a new property set to the default set with the name of the respective adapter type, for example: (name=global,…)(name=File_, messageListener=localejbs/AFWListener, exceptionListener=localejbs/AFWListener, pollInterval=60000, pollAttempts=60, Send.maxConsumers=7, Recv.maxConsumers=7, Call.maxConsumers=7, Rqst.maxConsumers=7) After setting the parameter save the changes and restart the server so as to reflect the changes. The changes can be seen in Engine status as shown below.image
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  • That was a nice explaination about the adapter specific queues. Keep the good work going.

    I was wondering how these queues are manages in a clustered adapter engine case. One of the few advantages of clustered environment would be to utilize the nodes for fail over situation. In that case, it could be a problem to manage the queues only on one of the nodes. And no client would prefer creating similar queues on both the nodes. In that case we couldnt find it as one of the best options for thread management. Do you have any list of recommendations by SAP for utilizing this functionality?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    I have done same with SOAP adapter but still no change reflected after restart.

    )(name=SOAP_, messageListener=localejbs/AFWListener, exceptionListener=localejbs/AFWListener, pollInterval=60000, pollAttempts=60, Send.maxConsumers=10, Recv.maxConsumers=10, Call.maxConsumers=10, Rqst.maxConsumers=10)

    Please confirm if the string is correct.