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An hour a month, an hour a week, etc.

There’s a running gag in the Boy Scouts of America adult leadership ranks, and doubtless in other volunteer organizations, “It’s only an hour a month” or “It’s only an hour a week,” depending on what the putative contribution level is.  The joke is on us, since it rarely takes fewer than several hours per week to accomplish anything of significance.

On Saturday, I’m master of ceremonies at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, the highest rank in Boy Scouts.  I’m proud that this will be the second week in a row our troop celebrated such an accomplishment.  Last week the honoree was one who earlier earned the Leave No Trace award; this week it’s an almost-but-not -yet. Last Sunday, the troop grew by several, meaning a lot more training, teaching and mentoring is ahead, not to mention camping and hiking. In 2008, we did not complete our requirements to earn a lodge camping award, the first time we’ve missed in several years.  We’re off to a good start to go camping nearly every month in 2009.

Last year, I blogged about Earth Hour. Since then, I’ve done a little more to help reduce pollution.

How do I get from SAP to camping, or vice versa?

  1. There is the water bottle thing.  Last year, I could not give away 5 free reusable water bottles for attendees of ASUG/Sapphire.  Once again this year, I’m still waiting to give it up.  See my The return of the “want a free water bottle offer” for Sapphire US / ASUG09 on the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability discussion forum.
  2. I moderate the CSR/Sustainability wiki space.
  3. There is the new SAP initiative on Sustainability.  I met and spoke with Marty Etzel of SAP on this topic recently, and am recruiting him to present at an upcoming ASUG chapter meeting in my neighborhood.
  4. I’ll be hosting a sustainability meeting in ASUG/Sapphire.  Details soon. 

Camping and hiking help me appreciate the natural world, as well as the universe around us.  Leaving home with bare necessities allows me to concentrate on what is important.

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  • Jim, you are an exemplar.  Can't gloss over your announcement of moving to wind power.  Do describe more about how that works please.
    If every SAP Mentor going to ASUG/Sapphire responded we would easily give away your bottles.
    Leaders Jim give it up.  And give it up for Jim.
  • Jim, thanks for highlighting this topic. I am currently reading up on the information behind many of the informative links that you provided. Also got a chuckle out of your lead in... I volunteer too, and an hour can easily turn into many hours :-). Keep it up!