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SAP Insider GRC 2009

Dateline Las Vegas: The weather was perfect at 82 and sunny, the spring breakers were out in full force, the partiers were celebrating St Patrick’s day (one guy on my flight out got started early and paid the price – he was hauled off by paramedics when we landed) and the gamblers were in the glory with the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament starting. So what better setting to talk about Governance, Risk, Compliance, Financials and HR?  SAP Insider GRC 2009 was on for the week of March 16!


Speaking with editor-in-chief and founder of SAP Insider Bonnie Penzias, she was quite happy with the turnout, considering the current economy and perception issues of going to Las Vegas. (Hey only the bankers and automakers are taking government loans!)  Why should anyone feel guilty about taking a few days to learn about GRC, even with these other distractions all around?


During the week, SAP issued a press release announcing a new version of Global Trade Services, that, combined with the SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management application, automates regulatory compliance for such business such as logistics and order fulfillment, especially to help customers manage supply chain risk. Reporting and Compliance were common topics in breakout sessions. 

And there on Friday morning was a session entitled “Using your IT platform to address sustainability initiatives” What was THAT all about?


During the presentation I addressed the things that SAP is doing to be more sustainable, building upon our press release of March 2, how SAP can help customers address their own sustainability needs, and suggested a few things customers can do to get started. In particular, the topic of monitoring air emissions, has taken on new relevance with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcing a draft regulation for reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from the largest 13000 emitters in the US.  This is seen by observers as the first step towards a cap & trade/ carbon tax regime.  I suggested to the audience that now is the time to take inventory of permits, performance against permits and understanding of the absolute amount of emissions.  Use 2009 and 2010 to understand your baseline before reporting starts in 2011.


SAP are looking at the sustainability initiatives and needs of customers and categorizing them into 5 categories: 

            1. People Health & Safety

            2. Product Safety & Stewardship

            3. Environmental Performance (Environmental Compliance, Cap & Trade, etc)

            4. Natural Resource Efficiency (Energy Management, Water & Raw Materials Optimization)

            5. Sustainability Performance Management


Watch for more information at Sapphire 2009 in Orlando in 2 months

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