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Highlights from Subscriber Contest

It’s interesting how our subscribers are using the NetWeaver Development license to get their consulting and software businesses off the ground – with just a small investment but with plenty of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The contest is open until April 8, 2009 to all current NW Development Subscription License holders. Click here for the contest 2 Postings will be selected at random from the US and 2 from Germany. Each of the winners will receive a $100 gift voucher. Winners will be notified via email on April 9, 2009.

Kai Wachter writes: “So i ordered the development subscription reserved my namespace and moved my developments into my namespace. So this was in 2007. Now I was able to develop and also provide customers trial transports of my product and my solutions and customers where save to evaluate the stuff… With that infrastructure and the help of the development subscription i decided to change my company direction from a consultancy to software company. I founded a company named IBS Solution Limited with the intension to develop and sell standard Add-ons.Today I am proud that our “IBS BI Excellence suite” is used within huge International companies like Airbus, Robert Bosch, Repsol, Rockwell and others.As result of the success of our product we decided to move forward with SAP and certify the Software and also to become a SAP Software Partner.But this success couldn’t be realized if SAP didn’t released the SAP Netweaver development subscription…”

Marcel Salein writes: “Last year in August five colleagues and I decided to found our own SAP consulting company, FIVE1… and we knew that it is necessary to have access to a SAP installation to build demos, to try new solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver software, to have an S-user to access the Service Marketplace and so on. You can imagine that a start-up has limited capital – so the subscription was the best offer from SAP for me to start. I installed a SAP NetWeaver system on my private PC and did a demo at a customer using a VPN connection via dynamic DNS. I also took my PC with me by car, so I had a mobile SAP system. Sometimes I thought this must be the Bill Gates garage feeling. For me this subscription is a clear proof that SAP supports start-up companies and free lancers, so that the SAP Eco system will grow…”

To read the full postings or to add your own, please go to:

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