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Enable process integration of NTSwincash embedded cash desk solution with SAP ERP for Automotive Retailers

Automotive Retailers need to integrate their cash desk transactions with SAP ERP financials and track all kind of payments in real-time. The cooperation with SAP is about the integration of NTSwincash with SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM) and SAP ERP Financials for essential payment processes. This blog introduces the NTSwincash embedded cash desk solution to the SAP DBM community.


With NTSwincash, NTS is the leading expert in POS software and retail management systems. We put our focus mainly on development, implementation, and assistance of high-quality service systems for complex retail companies.


NTSwincash RMS is a specialist solution comprising all cash register, service, and management functions within a single application. NTSwincash stands out through its great ease of use with maximum functionality. The intuitive design of our modules enables users to fully focus on their actual tasks, starting with customer assistance and sales through goods allocation all the way up to branch office management. With its multi-language, as well as multiple-currency support, and centralised administration capacities, our solution is particularly suitable for enterprises with extensive branch and franchise structures operating internationally.


A major focus of our service portfolio is the realisation of customer-specific configurations based on our flexible standard software. Our costumers and us consider the integration of our solution to complex background systems and the corresponding know-how the highest benefit of NTSwincash.


In opposite to other Integrators the NTS RMS offers several specialised solutions for the automotive sector. A short showcase is for example:

  • Centralised management of each single cash register terminal is enabled.
  • A central back office allows setting all functions on a global level down to one cash desk terminal.
  • All relevant information can be found in the monitoring tool sorted by defined criteria, such as “terminal” – e.g., open items (open invoices, down payment requests, and credit memos).
  • All information is shown in one single screen. For an ergonomic view, noticeable colours are used to point out all types of open items.
  • There is a range of user rights, which can be set in the cash desk regarding different approval limits and many more functions.


In respect of different payment requests, the NTSwincash embedded cash desk supports a variety of payment methods:

  • Total payment, mixed selection (invoices & credit notes) of open items is allowed
  • Partial payment in all combinations
  • Residual payment
  • Down payment


The system checks all transaction transferred to the SAP ERP system and determines whether it is stored successfully by the SAP accounts receivable accounting (FI-AR).


Following means of payment are supported:

  • Different payment medias (such as cash, various bank and credit cards, gift vouchers, payment per mobile phone, and the like) are valuated and reported in statistics separately.
  • multiple currencies in one single transaction. (such as $ and € on receipt)

Configuring labels and receipts with NTSwincash embedded cash desk is done very easily. Beside all business and fiscal requests (such as the tax rate, vendor location, and the like), several sample layouts are offered. A detailed journal of all payment postings/cancellations can be created with assignment to the specific cash desk terminal, the active cash desk session, and user. For full transparency, all relevant SAP information is recorded (document number, error messages). 

Completed cash desk payments can be removed depending on provided user and fiscal rights.


NTSwincash sales screenshot 


The existing partnership between SAP and NTS for SAP IBU Utilities formed a solid basis for further cooperation. This experience met all expectations SAP IBU Automotive had of a new strong partner. With a special focus on automotive services the two companies together will fulfil all of the -industry-specific requirements. We will use our industry-specific experience to integrate NTSwincash with SAP ERP financials and SAP DBM.


For a complete product preview in English, German and Spanish please visit

NTSwincash sales screenshot
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