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Can you afford not to go to an SAP Inside Track near you?

You might have noticed several blogs about the upcoming SAP Inside Track event in London by Nigel James (can be found SAP Inside Track London 2009) and the SAP Inside Track event in Palo Alto by Mark Finnern (can be found SAP Inside Track Palo Alto Friday May 29).

 Both events have something in common:

  • created by the community for the community and supported by SAP
  • kick *** sessions (technical and non-technical)
  • you can propose a session to host that interests you
  • you can request a session to be added about a topic that interests you
  • large number of SAP Mentors present
  • networking during the event and later in the evening
  • high personal ROI
  • me (well, not a deciding factor here but still)

I was lucky enough to attend the first community gathering in Palo Alto back in 2005 and also last years event in London and both have not only delivered on the promise of great educational sessions but also allowed me to make new friends.



I understand that in todays economy many of you face a freeze of travel related expenditures as well as training and conference fee freezes. If you live in the London area then it should be a no brainer to attend it as there is no fee for the event itself – only a small registration fee that covers food/beverages and allows the organizers to manager the attendance. I do know that many people are actually coming to the London event from around Europe and pay the expenses out of their own pockets and this alone should highlight the caliber of people and sessions present at SAP Inside Track London 2009.

There is also no fee for the Palo Alto event, which is actually hosted by SAP at their SAP Labs premises and if it is anywhere close to the 2005 event then it is worth the amount of money you need to spend to get there.

I am lucky enough to be able to attend both events as I am currently travelling for work between UK and US and I would like to use this opportunity to pimp two of my proposed sessions – the sessions are offered at both locations.

First session is about real life implementation scenario of Adobe Interactive Forms using ISR framework. You can find more detailes here.

Second session is about Netweaver portal implementations that utilize user metadata to provide navigation and content to different users as well as proxy functionality. You can find more details here.

Please use the following links to get more information for SAP Inside Track London and for SAP Inside Track Palo Alto, which also includes registration procedure.

Well, what should I do if there is no SAP Inside Track near me and I can’t make it to the existing events?

Live streaming was provided at the 2005 Palo Alto event and I know that Nigel/Darren are working on providing the London event online as well. Hopefully there will be a way for people to follow the event remotely and participate as well.

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  • Excited to meet all the Mentors at SAPInsideTrack London. Lucky me I am now in London and really looking forward to this event - my first outside India/Bangalore.
    PS: Spread the word to my colleagues who are still wondering why bother on a Saturday. I know how wrong they are 🙂
  • Hi Harald,

    That is quite the nice badge you have there 🙂 I am sure it will be quite valuable one day as an artifact of the first Face to Face gathering of the SDN now SCN community.

    By the way I am grateful that fellow SAP Mentor Matthias Zeller is organizing the Inside Track with me. 

    Palo Alto will also have remote access capabilities, actually SAP Mentors Thomas Jung and Rich Heilmann and others have already sign up to be part of it remotely. (You can too.)

    I also have a session with Ward Cunningham the inventor of the Wiki. Where he is going to show visible workings (link to more information on the inside track Palo Alto page

    Thanks for hosting these interesting sessions.

    Really looking forward to it, Mark.

    • Yeah - I don't know why I keep those conference badges but I do - have quite a few of those collected over the years. I still have the badge from my first TechEd in Karlsruhe in 98.
      See you in Palo Alto,
      🙂 Harald
      • It was a snowy couple of days back then in 98 😉 If I dig, I may have the badge too.

        See you in Palo Alto on the 29th.

        So looking forward to it, Mark.

  • Harald:

    I can't afford to go to Inside Track London, because it's not near me...It's kinda far away...Also I'm saving money for Phoenix. -:)
    I'm planning Inside Track Lima 09 for the first week of July or so...If you can't go to a Inside Track...Why don't you build your own -;) Best way to keep the Community Spirit -:)