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Second Level of Participation in SAP Community Network: Part 2

This is in continuation of my earlier blog Second Level of Participation in SAP Community Network. Link is Second Level of Participation in SAP Community Network.

The key points discussed in my last blog were:  

1)  Making  SCN the Google of Business Processes by inviting contributions from SCN members for the preparation of Business Process Hierarchy Documents of different Verticals

2)    Spread the word about BPX certification by collaborating with some premier Management Institutes for spreading the word about BPX certification

3)    Idea of integrating Project Management Track with Business Process Management Track and other products of SAP like Run SAP.

4)    Forming a SCN Focus group within the company with an agenda to encourage people to contribute in SCN and to facilitate the transition of active members to second level of participation.

5)    Integration of BPM Track with other modules of SAP.

The first point mentioned in my last blog was: 

1)    Inviting members from the community and work on collaborative community projects. One of the idea is to integrate the knowledge i.e. Business Process Knowledge with SAP and make SCN the Google of Business Processes. Preparation of Business Process Hierarchy Documents of different Verticals

Update on this point:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anil Tari from India and Tao Zhang from China who in true spirit of SCN community showed the trust in this initiative and contributed to this idea. I would also like to inform you all that I touch base with them through SCN Community leading to this work.

Please follow the link:

Steel Industry

I would like to invite community members to be a part of this initiative as this work is by the community and for the community.

SCN Members are urged to participate by:

Enhancing the content/knowledge base of Steel industry and other allied industry through this wiki page. All the contributors will be highlighted in the relevant forums. 

Suggesting how to make “SCN the Google of Business Processes in different Verticals are invited.

SCN Moderator

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  • Hi Rakesh,

    I think this is a very good initiative taken by you to create the Business process document hierarchy to enhance the capabilities of SCN memebers. The suggestion of certification is also useful to create more qualified individuals and would also help in enhancing participation in the SCN..
    I am among the newer members of the community and this would be of great help to us.

  • This is the true spirit of the SCN members to make SCN a one stop shop for all the business processes. Request all the members to come forward and make this initiative a success as this is for us.
  • Thanks for sharing the initiative.
    I am sure there would be many new ideas buzzing the minds throughout the world to share their knowledge and experiences. But what they lack could be the confidence to pin point a place where they should actually contribute.
    Along with the example you gave, you might have directly referred the specific name of the initiative that SAP is offering (I think it is the EcoHub here). This would direct the potential contributors in the appropriate direction powered by such a motivational example by you.

    Also I would suggest to edit your first blog with link to this blog highlighting the first point.

    Best Regards,