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SAP Co-Innovation Labs hosts SAP Virtualization Week 2009

This marks the third year that the SAP Co-innovation Lab (COIL) in Palo Alto will host SAP Virtualization Week. It is already clear from the distinguished list of participating customers and partners, the twenty-five unique and compelling speakers sessions and the Churchill Club Panel Discussion that this year’s event will easily surpass the activities and content from years prior; which were all amazingly successful!

You will find details and scores of related links about the event here so in this blog, my intent is to share some operational insights of interest and to briefly discuss the relevance of the event from a COIL perspective.

COIL in Palo Alto is an exceptional venue for hosting SAP Virtualization Week. At this years event, all on-site attendees will find table and chair seating, ac power for laptops, wireless guest Internet access and excellent audio and video support for all speaker sessions that easily allows for active audience participation and technology demonstrations from presenters. This will also be the first year that Virtualization week will offer access via online participation thanks to our partner Citrix sponsoring our webcast via their Go To Webinar service. Online participants will not only see the slide presentations but they will also have a quality four camera view of the Co-Innovation Lab and the event. Additionally, this webcast will allow for a real time chat session so that on-line participants can pose questions to speakers as easily as anyone physically at the event. We will also support on site bloggers and podcasts to cover activities all three days.

SAP Virtualization week brings together mutliple communities participating in the SAP Ecosystem to engage and to collaborate in meaningful ways relevant to not only the topics of virtualization, but also how virtualization is now so integral to the green IT and sustainability initiatives of enterprise data centers around the world. This event offers a very real opportunity to keep customers and partners directed at how the SAP Ecosystem driven solutions which support ROI based decisions that help business and IT managers become properly enabled to identify and implement the right business processes . The ideal result would therefore be that, most projects will then yield not only a lower TCO but a more eco-friendly data center that consumes less power without diminishing performance or value.

From the COIL perspective, we always tend to find as an outcome from all of collaborative energy going into events like this, is that new ideas emerge that then help to forge potential new partnerships and interest in pursuing projects that are ideally suited to our co-innovation lab.  It is therefore our belief that COIL is the perfect backstop for this event, allowing divergent thinking to flourish and allows the best of these ideas to flow into a convergent process leading to true co-innovation.

The time, energy and thought leadership that has gone into this event is astonishing and we can’t wait for everyone to get here- it is going to be a terrific experience for all involved.  If you haven’t yet signed up, then here’s your chance to do so right now.

See you all in April!

 David Cruickshank
Director Operations, COIL Palo Alto

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