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You and your J2EE exit code : Part I

Picture a scenario where you are setting up for a demo to your CIO about a new feature that will knock his socks off! and then imagine that you come to office and see that your J2EE engine is behaving like its got the mumps and cholera all at one time!


To add salt to injury , it speaks to you in a language only a mathematical genius of our time can understand ( or possibly the people who have coded it..but alas you are not them)


I have had many situations like this and come across exit codes which are really designed to help you to fix the engine. They really tell you if they need more space, or if there is a network problem or a memory issue.


I have listed some of these codes which I have come across , I hope that helps the loss due to translation to the minimum. I will keep adding to this.. and please if you have come across something not in the list, then please let me know, and I will add them to the list for everyone’s benefit.



Exit Codes:

Exit Code 


 Normal exit


 Out of memory


 Forced shutdown


 Error occurs during AS Java shutdown


 No notification from Message Server

 339 / – 339

 Client is not authorized to access the Message Server – restart the node


 License expired


 Problem accessing the database. Make sure the database is running and check the database connection details


 Problem accessing the file system entry j2ee/os_libs. Check the file system permissions


 Error while synchronizing the files in j2ee/cluster/bootstrap. Check the file system permissions


 Error while updating the j2ee/cluster/ file. Check the file system permissions.


 Error while synchronizing the AS Java binaries. Check the file system permissions


 Invalid value for the AS Java startup mode. For more information, check the bootstrap logs and see SAP Note 915825


 Invalid value for the AS Java startup mode. For more information, check the bootstrap logs and see SAP Note 915825


 Current VM type is not supported according to the specified compatibility list


 Error installing license


 Error reading bootstrap properties


 Unsupported VM on this platform




Let me know if this helps you. I will try to add more solutions and codes soon.

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    • HI Mingzuo,

      Well, an exit code is really a hint to the reason why a particular process/app dies. It churns out an exit code in the end which can tell you the reason for the application dying on you.

      For example. if a J2EE engine goes down with the exit code of '666' then it means that it ran out of memory  and hence had to shutdown / restart.

      hope this helps you.