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Java server startup problems – 11113

This troubleshooting guide helps you in finding solutions for J2EE startup problems.

Symptom 1: In web browser the “Dispatcher running, but no server connected” message appears.

Symptom 2: The SAPMMC shows that the server is stopped.

Exitcode -11113

The dev_server0.out reports this problem as well:


The std_server0.out may report “No active user store is set”.

This error shows that something is wrong with the Guest user. The possible reason of this error depends on the value of ume.persistence.data_source_configuration property in configtool.


Database as data source 

In case of db_only.xml or any LDAP datasource, SAP note 956867 has to be checked.


Application Server ABAP as data source 

In case of ABAP datasource the Communictaion user and Guest user profiles and roles have to be checked in the backend. The communication user properties are stored in these entries in configtool:


By default the communication user is SAPJSF.

The guest user name is stored in ume.login.guest_user.uniqueids property. Its default value is J2EE_GUEST.

In ABAP, the role of the communication user should be SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION with read-write access and SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION_RO with read-only access. Note that SAPJSF must be a system type user, not dialog.

The guest user should have the role SAP_J2EE_GUEST.

The profile must be generated via PFCG transaction. The roles without active profile makes no sense.

For more details refer to the online-help:

User Management of Application Server ABAP as Data Source


Example 1 – Communication user, invalid password, or locked

Reason of other startup problems can be found in the std_server0.out or in the server defaulttrace file. For example following error messages can guide you to find the root cause of the issue: ‘user locked’, or ‘name or password is incorrect’.


std_server0.out - invalid logon

Transaction SU01:

Locked user 

If you change the password in ABAP, you have to store the new password in the ume.r3.connection.master.passwd  porperty with configtool as well.

The UME properties must be maintained under global server configuration in the configtool.


Example 2 – Communication user, missing role or profile

If communication user has no role assigned or the profile is not generated, an RFC authorization problem will appear.


Missing role

Checking in SU01, you can see that the role is missing from user SAPJSF_NWS. After correcting it, the engine starts properly.

Missing role


Example 3 – Missing guest user

When the guest user was deleted, the ‘no active userstore is set’ message appears:


The J2EE_GUEST user should be created with SAP_J2EE_GUEST role.

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