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Enhancing the UI: What Tools Are Available in CRM 7.0

If you are not new to SAP CRM, you might already know some of the tools related to customer enhancements. The enhancement set concept can be used to redefine and enhance existing UI components. If you are not happy with the layout of a given view, you can change it via the UI configuration tool. Both of these tools offer modification free means of altering the default delivery as per the customer’s needs.
It is also worth mentioning that customers can add new fields to existing CRM applications. My previous blogs on the application enhancement tool (you can find them SAP CRM 7.0 – Adding Custom Fields Video Clip) covers that topic in details.

A common task that our customers often face is to adjust the semantics of the CRM applications so that they fit better their business domain and terminology. Both the configuration tool and the enhancement sets address the required UI layer adjustments. However, they do not tackle one important aspect – the corresponding message texts. Luckily, SAP CRM 7.0 offers a remedy called message replacement.

I have created a how-to guide that walks you through the above scenario. If you are new to SAP CRM, you will have the chance to get a quick introduction into the above mentioned UI framework tools. Those of you who are already familiar with enhancement sets and view configurations will learn about the new message replacement tool. I will also briefly mention how the existing tools have been improved in CRM 7.0.


The complete how-to guide can be found at the CRM Web Client UI Framework Wiki page:


The guide covers the following topics:

  • Enhancing an Existing UI Component
  • Configuring the UI
  • Replacing Messages
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