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E-Filing GB Configuration

I have gone through the SDN forums for configuring E-Filing GB, couldn’t find any valuable information for configuring the E-Filing.

This blog will help you to configure the E-Filing GB process in XI/PI in detail. E-Filing is the process that enables you to submit and retrieve a specific selection of electronic forms to and from SAP system.

We can download the available SAP Standard Document for E-Filing GB from

Note: Need to have SAP Service Market Place logon credentials to download the document.

Mainly it has five steps involved in configuring the E-Filing GB


  • Ø Setting up connections for R/3 system
  • Ø Government Gateway Certificates
  • Ø Setting up connections for Government Gateway in XI system
  • Ø Downloading the XI contents
  • Ø XI/PI Design and Configuration

Step 1: Setting up connections for R/3 system

Please refer this blog How do you activate ABAP Proxies?

Step 2: Need to Import Government Gateway Certificates into XI system

Note: Before importing the certificates into XI system, check whether the government gateway URLs are accessible from your network. If not ask your network team to enable the port for accessing the government gateway sites within your network

Run the T-Code STRUST to import the certificates image

b) Create the RFC connections of type G for the following Destinations as mentioned in the SAP Standard Document.

i)  GB_DPS image


III)  GB_EOY_XI image

IV)  GB_XI_POLL image


Step 4: Download the XI contents

Start downloading the XI content from SAP Service Market Place, Download all the latest patch for the following contents.

  • Ø XI Content E-Filing GB
  • Ø XI Content SAP HR 600
  • Ø XI Content ERECRUIT 600

Note: We need to download the ERECRUIT because the actions for SAP HR is maintained in the ERECRUIT content

Once the XI contents are downloaded, ask your BASIS team to move the files into following path /sapmnt/XID/global/xi/repository_server/import

XI/PI Design and Configuration


Ø Need to update the CR Content in SLD with the latest patch available from SMP.

Ø Maintain the Technical system & Business system for R/3.

  INTEGRATION BUILDER – Integration Repository

  Start importing the design objects image image


Check whether the objects are imported successfully.

INTEGRATION BUILDER – Integration Directory

Need to maintain party for GOVERNMENT GATEWAY, create BUSINESS SERVICES as mentioned in the document. image

Create communication channels for the respective SERVICES as mentioned in the ADAPTER OBJECTS – Communication channel template in the Integration Repository objects. image

Assign BUSINESS SYSTEM for R/3 under service without Party, The BUSINESS SYSTEM is already maintained in SLD.

Note: No need to create any communication channel for BUSINESS SYSTEM, because it is communicating through the CLIENT PROXY.

Use the same BUSINESS SYSTEM for rest of all the scenarios as mentioned in the SAP Standard Document.

E-Filing Outgoing & Incoming Processing

End of Year Filing (EOYR)

In-Year Movements (INMV)

Data Provisioning Service (DPS)

Once all the scenarios are imported & configured successfully, need to activate all the objects.


Before we start the testing, there should be one more settings to be done from the SAP System.

i.e. setting up SAP system to run E-Filing as mention in the document “Incoming & Outgoing Processing Implementation and User Guide”.

Once the settings are done we can start the testing by running the reports for Incoming & Outgoing Process as mentioned in the Document.

I hope this blog will help you to configure the E-Filing GB successfully.

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  • It's a very nice blog.
    No proper documentation was available for E-FILING
    Thanks for putting this up

    My problem was that the corresponding R/3 system
    was 4.6c(i managed to peek on the R/3 side somehow).

    Anyways will try the steps here once it is upgraded.

  • Kumar,

    You would need to correct the screenshot under GB_EOY_XI ?

    Also you mentioned
    >>We need to download the ERECRUIT because the actions for SAP HR is maintained in the ERECRUIT content
    I believe the actions for SAP HR interfaces are present in E-FILING GB 1.0.

    I also see most if not all of the things your blog shows is present in the configuration guide provided by SAP..
    but still your blog is nice to refer..


    • Hi Sumit,

      Thank you...

      Updated the screen shot for GB_EOY_XI..

      with out ERECRUIT, I have tried the Integration Scenario NEW HIRE under the SAP HR component but it failed to open...

      I came to concludion that we have to import the ERECRUIT component too...

      Please correct me if i'm wrong...


  • Hi, The blog would help a lot for consultants configuring E-filing for the first time. One small request, can you also include the links to SAP Standard documents that you have been mentioning through out in your blog.


  • Hi,

    Very good blog.

    2 step in the blog is to to Import Government Gateway Certificates into XI system using txcode STRUST..
    Can u plz explain how to do it?
    From where will i get the certificates.Are they standard?

  • For anyone reading this and wondering about STRUST settings, you need to import the certificates into the SSL Client (Anonymous) PSE in PI.

    You should ensure that your RFC connection settings are set to "SSL" but with NO security.  e-Filing in GB does not use certificate authentication from the client.

    The certificates can be downloaded using Internet Explorer (click the padlock and export "copy to file...") save as BASE64 and then import into STRUST.
    You will need all six certificates in the chains (3 for each of the GB e-filing web service destinations).

  • Please suggest, when I am opening HR_GB_EFO_EOYR_OUT mapping it giving error as The source or target structure has been changed or could not be found in the Integration Repository. The mapping definition contains elements or attributes that do not exist in the changed structure. The relevant entries will be deleted
    Target structure has no such path: /ns0:GovTalkMessage/ns0:Body/ns3:IRenvelope/ns3:EndOfYearReturn/ns3:P35/ns3:Summary/ns3:PAYE/@ns3:SubcontractorTax. Skipping mapping

    Please suggest, whether I need to reimport the E-filing swc or update any sp.


    • Hi,

      Please update the SLD Content with the latest patch available in Service Market place.

      Download the XI Contents & SAP HR Content with the latest patches and try to import into Integration Repository.

      Hope it helps you...


      • Hi,

        That mapping issue is there in 2005 namespace but still I am able to send the data to government server. But the response from government server is user authentication failure. How to resolve it? And where I can check which user it's taking whether the payload we are sending some user credential that its not taking.


        • Hi,

          From the SAP doc "e-Filing for Great Britain":
          "4.5 User Credentials
          After registering for the PAYE services (see, you will receive a user and password. The user and password are your credentials for communication with the Government Gateway.
          In the SAP system, user credentials are encrypted and stored in secure area to prevent unauthorised access to this information. You must maintain the user credentials for each of the tax indicators and references you use. To do this, carry out the e-filing IMG step Maintain User Credentials"

          • This issue is resolved.
            The target host (test site) is not having the user credential which were sent by us. So we used the (Live site) but maintained a flag in sap program to inform that the data is for testing purpose.
          • we are sending data to which is wrong. This is the test area given in SAP Guide, but this is not active at HMRC end.
      • Hi Vasanth,

        when you say update SLD content does this means we also need to download the SLD content for E-filling and SAP HR for SLD from Service Market place. Becuase we need to assign E-Filling product to ECC system in SLD. It would be helpful if you give link for SLD content also.


  • Hello,

    We have a corrupted Software Component Repository that has been caused by an import of BASIS 7.00 SWCV (we're still running 6.40).
    The SAP note 994614 tells me to perform a stack upgrade but I think I can do what I need another way.

    I am trying to implement the Employee_Tax_Code_Update interface in E-FILING GB 1.0 but I can't create the communication channels for GGMailbox using the templates in the repository (because of the corruption).

    Would anyone be willing to screen shot the details of each of the comms channels for GGMailbox business service, so that I can manually create them against the correct SWCV?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi gurus,
    we are using the Business Connector interface, but we are going to upgrade our SAP HR system to ECC 6.0, so we need to setup and test the XI connector.
    We have a test SAP HR system and a test SAP XI environment and would like to test the E-Filing GB interface by sending data to
    and not to
    Do you know if  is active at HRMC? Do you know if special user-ID and psw are required?
    Thank you in advance and regards
  • Hi Gurus,

    When EPS is triggered from HR ECC system, it showing as "In progress" since last 7 days. I checked in PI and found that respective channels are up and running.

    Could you please suggest possible causes of this?