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XI/PI: BPE Admin – logical deletion of a process instance

There are many situations when you need to stop your process instance:

– there is an error which will not be solved (on development, production, etc.)

– before finishing the developement you wanted to try if a small part of your BPM is working but the rest is not finished yet (on development system)

– you started too many processes for a stress test and need to remove some of them as message processing takes too long (on quality assurance systems)

But how to stop them?

The easiest way to stop a process was always to delete this process. One of the most common ways to delete a process (also wildly recommended on XI/PI forum on SDN) was to use transaction SWWL – delete workitem. It’s not a bad way but it we have a look at official SAP documents it’s not mentioned there (at least not a lot). SAP mentiones an alternative way to remove processes called – logical deletion. Since many of us had some issues with finding this functionality I decided to create a short step by step procedure on how to use it:

At first you need to open technical workflow log of a BPM (I assume this is the common/known part)  

– select Goto and Work item display for workflow

 – select Goto and Technical work item display

– select Edit and Change

Now you will be in the work item display and from here you can logically delete the process instance by selecting execute button next to the “Logically Delete” description.


When you now go back to the normal technical log you will see that the process instance is deleted and marked as complete.

I hope that with all those screenshoots it will be easy now to use this standard logical deletion instead of using transaction SWWL.

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  • Hey Michal,
               No body can beat you ..
    I mean in blogging the things.
    good to know the deletion of all work items of BPM instance instead of deleting each and every one.
    By the way is there any way we can see the instance nos of bpm running,ran


    • Hi Rajesh,

      there will be more in this BPE admin series 🙂

      >>By the way is there any way we can see the instance nos of bpm running,ran

      I didn't get the question - sorry

      Michal Krawczyk

        • Hi,

          I don't think there is a number but you always see it in PE and can count by yourself
          but maybe there is some counter - try asking on the forum too - thanks

          Michal Krawczyk

  • Hi Michal,

    You could also execute tcode SXMB_MONI_BPE --> execute Diagnosis processes with errors --> change work item --> and then logically delete the work item.

  • Hi Michal,

    Could you please let me know if this Logical Delete is available in Single Stack ? I would want to do a bulk update of processes to change it status to Cancelled. I dont want to do it via API. Could you please share me the possibilities?