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Separating BPX and SDN for Relevance?

It was brought to my attention today that issues related to business process and IT strategies, design and implementations were not of interest to the folks that are technically oriented and want information on specific technical issues. 

I understand and can see their point.  They don’t want to waste their time reading about issues that are not of interest to them.  I am not sure how best to resolve this issue.  It appears that on SDN there is only one blogging area that is shared between both BPX and SDN.  I believe all blogs no matter if they are related to technical issues or business processes are all mixed in together.

When writing and publishing a blog you have a choice of categories in which to publish that consists of a mixture of solutions, industries and technologies.  What if you want to speak specifically about supporting a chemical industry EDI message using Netweaver?  It is hard to know what category should be used. 

I am wondering if there should be designators like “technical” or “business process” applied to blogs?


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  • Thanks Kevin for being responsive rather than defensive about the appropriateness of your postings for a particular audience.  You raise an excellent question here that we also have been grappling with as well:  Should we segregate content and expose certain pieces to an exclusive audience?  The inquiry would need to explore whether one “SCN” blog services both SDN and BPX communities.
    Part of the thinking is that many developers as well as many businessy types do use/need/consume content that may be “out of their zone” but of importance to them.  That’s one of the reasons that it might make good sense that BPX isn’t an isolated, disparate website.
    Perhaps the answers lie in a better way to tag and subscribe to content, so that one’s interests are met by using RSS feeds and viewing them in a more siloed way, if that is a preferance.
    • As per me, the whole idea of developing BPX Community within SCN (formerly SDN) is making members aware of the transition SAP is going through-From software development company to Business Process Management Company.

      SCN also gives a common platform to both functional and technical folks to communicate with each other and is a good replica of the way we work in real life in any ERP System.


    • Marilyn,

      I think I understand the frustation here is that a lot of “marketing blogs” end up with every solution tag under the sun on them.  This leads to people who do try to filter, end up with information that really is not relevant.

      Perhaps the blog moderators/authors should take a more careful look at the tags being used on the blogs being submitted.  That could help solve the problem without the need for a strict wall of separation.

      Thank you,


      • Moderators should indeed be working with bloggers to ensure more accurate tags.  As far as marketing content is concerned, you are preaching to the choir.  Craig and I would love to see a marketing tag, and although I’m afraid few authors would choose to use it, I imagine a good many community members would find that kind of quarantine useful 🙂
  • lots of strategies are possible 🙂

    1. You could tag multiple categories if you need a wider audience.
    2. SAP can improve the SDN search engine so that users can find topics more easily
    3. Use RSS with needed filters
    4. For daily readers, it is only a handful of blogs a day – jut ignore the ones that don’t pick your interest


  • Kevin,
    I appreciate the response and apologise if my original comment was a little brief. As a developer I visit SDN for technical information. When I have a particular issue I need to resolve I would like to get access to the information as quickly as possible without having to wade through documents that aren’t relevant. However, there are occasions when I want to spend time to see what is happening in the wider SAP world. I agree with Marilyn, I don’t think we should isolate information, but perhaps we should make the content easier to filter.

    I come from a Microsoft environment and find the SAP web sites confusing, difficult to use and almost impossible to find content. Any way this can be improved would be appreciated.

    My most immediate need would be find a way to improve the search facility. I’m more than happy to contribute to any discussions.

  • I believe that anything non-technical should absolutely not be part of SDN. If we want non-technical information, then we can go and look in BPX or elsewhere. Clear separation.

    SDN is renowned for being such a time waster as it is (sorry to anyone from SAP reading this, but every SAP Developer I know says exactly the same thing). It’s incredibly difficult to find anything useful in Forums or Blogs due to the masses of posts or blogs that are of little or no value. i.e. the hundreds or thousands of forum posts that just list “links” when a question is asked. Do those people posting links realise that there is a “Search” facility on the site and that someone would have used it before asking a question?? Obviously not! ALL of those posts should be deleted by SAP and the user that posted links should be permanently banned from SDN for contributing to this problem. SAP should also stop with the “points” scheme this just encorages this ridiculous practice and makes SDN less and less easy to find info every day.

    A person who belongs to a true “community” doesn’t belong for reward, they belong because they genuinely want to contribute, not becasue they can say “please rewards points”.

    I probably sound annoyed and frustrated, and some of this post isn’t totally relevant to this Blog. But this blog was the trigger to vent for one extremely frustrated Developer who has to trawl through irrelevant content every time he uses SDN. The trigger today was when I was browsing the ABAP Blogs, saw this one as a new ABAP Blog, and opened it to find it had nothing whatsoever to do with ABAP. This, unfortunately, is not uncommon…