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For Fun: Announcing Funniest Original BPX Joke Contest

Rather than concentrate on the work I should be doing at the moment, I decided to launch a spur of the moment contest to find the funniest original Business Process Expert joke. 

To submit your joke, simply comment to this blog, or email your joke to  A mysterious committee of comedic experts will choose a list of best candidates that we then put up for a vote by the community starting April 1.

Jokes in any format are welcome provided they are relevant to BPX, are tasteful, and aren’t too long.  PS, improving on someone’s prior joke is allowed, providing you give them credit.

Here are two to start off.  BTW, I’m not eligible for bragging rights, even if I turn out to be the wittiest one here (oh dear i hope not).


1.  How many Business Process Experts does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two: one to draw a recursive process. The other to iterate, iterate iterate.

2.  Two Business Process Experts walk into a bar. The bartender says “Hey, we don’t serve your kind here.” First BPX says, “well in our case, can you define an exception?”

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