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Display / Print individual retro amounts in international payroll

Today I am going to share something which I have learnt purely based on my experience from all the previous projects, where we have done the displaying / printing individual wage types for retro amounts.

Hence what ever I explain today is just a suggestion and there might be better ways of achieving the result than my approach.

Business Scenario: For India Schema (IN00), SAP delivered 3 Personnel Calculation Rules (IN42 & IN43) in Sub Schema INNR and PCR ‘IN44’ in Subschema ‘INN1’ in Main Schema ‘IN00 ‘to display/Print individual Retro Amounts in the Remuneration Statement using PE51. But this functionality is not available in International Schema.

Normally we use the Technical/Secondary Wage Type /552 for displaying the Net Retro Difference in International Payroll (X000) Implementation. But some clients may ask to display/print individual Wage Types for Retro amounts.

This document explains how to get the above said functionality.  In this document, the following are the Regular Wage Types that are stored in Info type 8 (Basic Pay) 

  • Basic Pay (1000)
  • Housing Allowance (1010)
  • Transport (1020)
  • Food Allowance (1030)

For example, an employee is having the following amounts in Basic Pay Info type from 01.01.2009 to 31.12.9999 as shown below




If you run the payroll for this employee for the month of January 2009, he will get the following salary as shown below.

Pay slip for the month of January 09





   Increment: For this Employee, his Wage Amounts in Basic pay info type have been changed wef’16.01.2009’ as shown below.           



   Table – Old / Revised Salary Comparison view 

Wage type

Wage type Text Old Salary       (Cur-SAR) New/Revised Salary       (Cur -SAR) Arrears
 1000   Basic Pay  2000  2200  103.22
 1010  Housing  Allowance  500  600  51.62
 1020  Transportation Allowance  200  250  25.80
 1030  Food Allowance  100  150  25.81


Calculation Factor: Difference Amount / Monthly calendar days * Effective date Basic Pay:

SAR 200 / 31 days (Jan 09) *16 days (Increment effective date) = 103.22                   


  Pay slip for the month of February 09 With Arrears  


  Configuration Steps:

To achieve this you need to Create 2 Wage Types for each Wage type available in Basic Pay Info type and to change the PCRs  ‘X041’, ‘X042’ & ‘X043’ in Sub Schema ‘XRR0’ in Main Schema ‘X000’. 

Retro Wage Types 

1)       1001   Basic Pay C/F

2)       1003   Basic Pay – Arrears

3)       1011   Housing Allowance C/F

4)       1013   Housing Allowance – Arrears

5)       1021   Transport Allowance C/F

6)       1023   Transport Allowance – Arrears

7)       1031   Food Allowance C/F

8)       1033   Food Allowance – Arrears   

Schema ‘X000’





PCR Z041




Calculation rule X041: Read Balances Carried Forward (Differences)  

The recalculation differences from previous periods formed during aRetroactive accounting run are added to the net pay for the currentPeriod. 

               ELIMI * – All time periods indicators will be removed

              ADDWTE – Adding the wage type to direct result table  

 The recalculation differences amounts / results from the rule ‘Z043’ are stored in the difference table (DT) during the retro runs. DT = (Previous period ORT -old results table) PCR – ‘Z041’ will be processed in current period to read the difference carried forward as shown below.     


DT Table
Note: For posting to FI we have to assign Symbolic Accounts to   /551 & /552 wage types.   If an employee has retro’s then /551 and /552 are used to hold the differences.  



PCR Z042


Calculation rule X042: Formation of Differences, Transfer of Non-Revisable Wage Type

 This Calculation rule X042 is used to transfer wage types from the last payroll results   during retroactive accounting runs, Wage types which were transferred in a previous payroll run may not be changed again afterwards and must therefore be transferred unchanged. Certain wage types are still transferred from the last payroll result; according to the type of wage they may be transferred to the results table RT, to the table of    Differences DT, or added to subtracted from the recalculation difference (/551), the net pay (/560) or the payments/deductions (/110).   ELIMI * – All time periods indicators will be removedSUBWTD – Subtracting the wage type to difference table          



 Calculation rule X043: Storage of New Payment Amount in DT 


 The PCR Z043 will move the arrear amount into the Difference table; the difference table will be picked up by rule ‘Z041’ in current period. 

             ELIMI * – All time periods indicators will be removed

           ADDWTD – Adding the wage type to difference table         



Using the above configuration the retro wage type amounts can be displayed in pay slip in international payroll.  

The Sub schemas in XRR0 are structured with query whether it is original or retroactive run (to read the differences calculated)   


 Retroactive accounting run:                                                                                                                        

  • Read last payroll result (original payroll or old retroactive accounting runs


  • Print the values read (internal table ORT)                           


  • Calculate differences and transfer non-revisable wage types.          


  • Derive new payment amount.                                            


  • Store the difference between the new and old payment amount in        Difference table (internal table DT).       


  • Transfer bank transfer(s) (from internal table BT) from last payroll Result.      
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