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Custom Aliases with SAP Web Dispatcher

Personalisation…that’s what attracts you to use something, to feel at home…doesn’t it?

In the same way, different groups of people/ departments in an organisation running a Portal would love to get their own ” personalised access points” to the portal. A gateway which could take the user to a specific application.

One easy and simple way to do this is through the SAP provided SAP Web dispatcher tool. In this blog, I will talk about how you can very simply achieve this feature with the SAP Web Dispatcher.

The Netweaver Portal does provide a feature called “Quick Links” which gives you a literal ‘quick link’  to a page on the portal . For more information about visit

Note: Till atleast Portal 7.0 SPS14 the quicklink feature could only be used with the word ‘go’ in the middle eg: http://<<base URL>> /go/quicklink

Another way to achieve this is through the SAP Web Dispatcher.

Scenario: Assiging an Alias directly to a Web Dynpro Application.


  • 1) Open up the web dispatcher profile ” sapwebdisp.pfl”
  • 2) Navigate to the section ‘SAP Web Dispatcher Ports’
  • 3) Add the parameter icm/HTTP/redirect_X
  • 4) Add the value to the above parameter = PREFIX=/xxx, TO=/irj/yyyy
  •      a. Xxx = replace with alias
  •      b. Yyy= replace with location of app


And you are done! You can even call directly a web dynpro app!

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    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the comments. I think I will update the blog with links to SAP Help for the SAP Web Dispatcher. This should avoid confusion. I agree that this is not a reverse proxy solution to hide the URL or rewrite, it was meant as an alias for inital access and then redirection.

      Thanks for the clarification!


    • hello,

      with the parameter icm/HTTP/redirect_0,

      it works for prefix, but

      how to set the parameter values such that i can  avoid entering the port no on the browser.