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Configuring SSL between Microsoft Active directory and Enterprise portal

*Prerequisites:* Enterprise portal 6 has been configured to use Microsoft active directory and users are able to login to Enterprise portal with their active directory or windows password. The data sources used dataSourceConfiguration_ads_deep_readonly_db.xml or dataSourceConfiguration_ads_writeable_db.xml or dataSourceConfiguration_ads_deep_writeable_db.xml or dataSourceConfiguration_ads_readonly_db.xml If the default data source configuration file is not used, Please make sure that you have created all the administrator and service user accounts in UME. *Reason for configuring SSL:* In the above situation, passwords are transferred in plain text in the network. Hence to provide better and good security, it is advised to configure SSL. *Process of Configuring the SSL:**Note:    *For alternative configuration refer point 12.

8.Go to UME LDAP data




9.Change the port number to 636 and select the check box “Use SSL for LDAP Access”

10.Click on test connection. If fails, please refer troubleshooting section below.

11.Once the test connection succeeds, Click on Apply changes.

12.Restart the java server (make sure you have downtime approval before restarting) and login with Active directory account. If not able to login, please refer troubleshooting section below.

13.You can also configure the same in Portal under System Configuration –> UME Configuration.


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