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SAP Inside Track Palo Alto Friday May 29

Packed Big Sur session @ SDN Meets Labs 2005

Come join us at the Palo Alto SAP Inside Track(Community Day, SAP Camp, …) where we come together locally to network, share knowledge, experience, hack, get a glimpse of SAP Labs’ latest developments and have just plain old fun.

Remember the Walk the Halls of SAP Development? Check out the pictures, hereand here. May be a total run down memory lane for the ones that where there. I am looking at you Matthias Zeller, Thomas Jung, David Halitsky, Craig Cmehil via Webcast (Which we will do again. Hope the technology is on our side), …

The feedback was: There is the ASUG Conference, Sapphire, (back then two different events) and TechEd, therefore it is tough to convince my boss to pay for my travel to come to this SDN Meets Labs too. That was the reason why we added the SDN Day later called Community Day to the beginning of TechEd: One extra day away from work plus hotel was doable. 

The funny thing is, now that the economy went south, we have decided to reverse it again. There will be no full Community Day at TechEd this year, to make your stay at TechEd affordable time- and money-wise. What we do are more regional community developed events like the amazing Inside Track in London on the 4th of April with 10+ SAP Mentors having signed up already. I am bummed that I can’t join.

SDN Meets Labs 2005 packed Southern CrossI am working hard and need your help to make this SAP Inside Track Palo Alto on the 29th of May equally exciting for the SAP enthusiasts of the greater Bay Area.

If you are further away, of course that should not stop you from coming out to Palo Alto for a day of SAP fun. Some say these last two words seldom go together, but trust me that day they will 😉 

For example fellow SAP Mentor David Halitsky will fly in and I can’t wait for his session where he will proof that using the NetWeaver stack should be used as an IDE in pure research environments.

I was also able to convince Ward Cunningham to show is interesting Visible Workings. Actually he is creating a film around it. We will show it and he is going to dial in for a Q&A session.

For your UI folks, Jay Kapadia from L&T Infotech has done some research into Modern day UX technologies for Ecommerce. He will present his results of checking out modern RIA technologies like GWT, YUI, Flex, Silverlight, Extjs etc.

There is so much more: ESME, Spark a new Grassroots Innovation Community @ SAP, Dokupedia, Business User Workspace, …

Here are the details of the SAP Inside Track Palo Alto:

  • Where 3410      Hillview Avenue Palo Alto  Co-Innovation Lab and      Southern Cross
  • When Friday May 29th      2009.
  • Time All day, including      some evening refreshments. (Pub meet the evening before?)

Be part of it. Sign up by adding your name to the SAP Inside Track Palo Alto wiki page. Have something to share or want to discuss experiences with folks in the same field, suggest a session. 

See you all there. 

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  • Hi Mark,
    Kinda bittersweet for me...
    Happy to see that many regional SDN groups are popping up. That is nice and I hope to make to some of them, even if there is none around here...
    I am really SAD to hear that there will be no Community day at SAPTechEd this year. At many occasions I mentioned that for me, at least, it was the best part of the event...

    Well, I guess I will have to camp at the Community club house then....


    I know, the economic situation is tough.

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks to you I could do the Community Day Brazil so I'm sure you will do an amazing event in Palo Alto !

    Certainly this will be a great event, I wish I could attend !

    I can't wait to see the pictures !!!


    Marcelo Ramos

  • Hi Mark,
    First: "There will be no full Community Day at TechEd this year, to make your stay at TechEd affordable time- and money-wise." Hm. I have already booked my flight for cheap 100 EUR; changing this would not be cheaper for me, at least...
    Second: The given reason, apart from my personal problem with this, is really funny. The original reason to have the day attached to TechEd was, that people could not make it to too many separate events. Now this separate event is announced - that means, if one expects "enough" people to attend, there must be better circumstances for them (growing economy?! ;-)). And at the same time, you want "to make your stay at TechEd affordable time- and money-wise." and strike out the C.D. - do you really want to sell this as serious?!
    Third: "There will be no full Community Day at TechEd this year" - Sounds like "but a half day"?!?! Still something in the pipeline?!
    Best regards, Detlev
    • Hi Detlev,

      > First:
      Wow I am envious about how organized you are already and sorry that our plans have changed.

      > Second:
      The hope is that there will be more Community Days that you can reach within one day, which is true for the greater Bay Area, London, Sao Paulo, Lima, Brisbane. Why no one has stepped up to create one in the area with the greatest SAP penetration: Germany is surprising.

      The thinking is, that by driving early in the morning and late at night, one can participate in a local community day without having to stay over night. You save the hotel costs.

      >if one expects "enough" people to attend"
      Of course there are lower expectations regarding attendance locally, but in total all regional Inside Tracks will probably be visited by more people.

      >Still something in the pipeline?!
      We are thinking about boarding Craig's Cluetrain Orient Express from Frankfurt to Vienna this time, with having our own wagon. The unfortunate thing is of course that this will not work for you, as you fly to Vienna earlier.

      In other regions we are thinking about a networking evening event.

      A lot of the spirit of the Community Day is also present during Hacker Night and Process Jam, which will be repeated.

      Let's make sure that the denser TechEd with the Clubhouse and all the surrounding events like Demo Jam, Hacker Night, ... are fulfilling the promise of the Community Day.

      Sorry that we disappoint you, Mark.

  • This really is a shame as for me and many of my SAP Mentor colleagues the Community Day is one of the best parts of the whole event.

    I think that SAP Community Day was not paying its way and a VP with a budget to manage wielded the axe. I trust that when there is a little more fat in the coffers that this event will return.

    It is great that more local events are being organised and those of you in London are more than welcome to come to SAP Inside Track on 4 April. We have even managed to attract SAP Mentor and enterprise commentator Dennis Howlett. Not quite sure how we managed that exactly, but certainly glad that he is coming.

    It is going to be a great day and the best thing is that in this climate you don't have to sacrifice any billable hours to come!