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Official Results: 2008 Blogger Awards

A bit delayed but finally I bring you the winners of the 2008 Blogger Awards! We promised the Top 10 Best Blogs of 2008, time is counting down however due to unforseen circumstances this blog post was delayed, my apologies!

So first before I share the winners I wanted to share some simple stats, 102 unique community members submitted their votes. They had the possibility of voting 10 times, however only one vote per individual blog post. So 102 x 10 was the total possible number of votes submitted, we had 193 unique votes submitted. 

So what do our winners get? Well first they get promoted to the “Congratulations to the 2007-2008 Top Contributors” circle with all the benefits that come with it for the remainder of the year and they get the option of becoming Blog Moderators if they choose.

We are looking at the top 10 Blog posts folks here (showing 11 due to a tie),

Oh and our little question at the end – very nice results!

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