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Expert on Phone Newsletter February 2009



Welcome to the February edition of the EoP Newsletter. This month has been exceptionally cold with record-breaking cold spells over many parts of Europe.

In this edition you are shown how to find out the description of a field in SAP Business One, the hierarchy of the default layouts when printing, in-depth workings of the Special Pricing functionality, what is a key pre-requisite for posting the journals generated from the Period-End Closing  function and much more.

Thank you for the comments that we have received to date on the bumper edition for 2008 wherein we put all the articles from the 2008 editions.

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What is the hierarchy of the default Print layout?

What Price does the price field in the Special Prices for Business Partners main window reflect?

Why an error message relating to date deviation appears in Period-End Closing function?

How to see the remaining quantities to be delivered to the customer?

How to Insert a Watermark in a Printed Marketing Document?

Why is the system giving the message ‘Confirmation amount must be greater than zero’?


Is there a quick way to access the explanation of a specific field in SAP Business One?


Non-Included Transactions in the Payment Wizard


How to record the validity of tax exemption certificates?


How to cancel a journal entry using today as posting date?


Click here for a link to the complete document.

Please note that we will endeavour to keep this document up to date, but for the most current information please refer to the individual wiki articles.

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