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Recently, I went to a place near Bangalore where there is a huge Banyan tree and it is also a famous picnic spot. I saw a man selling stuff to munch on and have a look at what he was wearing.

 250 points

How did he get 250 points? Maybe by selling mangoes and water melons. It is a good thing that SDN has stopped giving away T-shirts.

250 points
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  • Hey thats an amazing snap,
    Since recession, once I had dreamt something like this (selling fruits) :), may be it would turn a deja vu to me someday (god, pls no! ), as I have an SDN T-shirt you would see me next 🙂
  • I entered this forum to receive a nice blacK t-SDN Shirt. still it is a distant dream for me . One of my cubicle mates used to wear sdn t-shirt.So he inspired me to entered int o SDN forum but i am unlucky though i scored more than 2600 points.


  • The last time things were bad, around 2000 or so - the guy who waited on our table at an Indian restaurant in Washington DC, was an SAP consultant who got laid off. I was talking shop with friends over lunch and the guy who served us  abruptly said that he was an SAP consultant himself till the past week or something. I couldn't sleep for a few days after that.
  • May be any guy having many T-Shirts must have exchanged for some fruits from the fruit vendor, in times of recession this is also a good deal for both sides..(vendor as well as employee)