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ASUG ITEB Webcast on “Customer examples of ‘live’ scenarios (incl high volume) with SAP NW Process Integration (incl 7.1) “

Before I get onto the next session in the ASUG Integration Technologies and E-Business SIG Webcast Series – 2009, I sincerely thank Rene De Daniel for a highly informative and interesting session on ASUB ITEB Webcast on “Enterprise Integration patterns for SAP PI (Process Integration)”.
The next session, scheduled for March 18th, 2009, is on “Customer examples of ‘live’ scenarios (incl high volume) with SAP NW PI (incl 7.1)
I am sure this session will be very interesting – In past TechEds and other SAP events, I have repeatedly heard a few common questions on SAP NW Process Integration (PI), such as:
1. What are the typical scenarios that PI is used for?
2. We already have a good EAI system, why do we need to move to PI?
3. I want to see some customer examples before I make a decision on PI.
4. How stable is your PI system?
5. Can PI withstand high volume requests/load? 
While all the above questions may not be answered in the next session, I am pretty sure you will get a good idea on PI, along with a few Customer examples of ‘Live’ scenarios (including high volume).
About the session:
This session gives an overview on some examples in which customers use SAP NetWeaver Process Integration in real live scenarios. The examples will include scenarios where customers process a high number of messages in a relatively short period of time as well as scenarios based on the latest release of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1.
About the speaker:
Udo Paltzer
Udo Paltzer joined SAP in 2001. He is the product manager for SOA Middleware with expert knowledge in process integration based on SAP NetWeaver. Udo is responsible for the rollout of the process integration functionalities of SAP NetWeaver. Udo is the contact person for partners and ISVs who develop and certify products for Process Integration with SAP NetWeaver.

Registration for this webcast is now open on and can be accessed at

Please note that the registration for this webcast is limited to ASUG members only.


Srini Tanikella


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