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 *Please refer to the revised process which is current to the Duet 1.5 SP2 ramp-up level:

The following information is not complete and only outlines the steps to take a client to a lower patch level, 1.5 SP1 HF1.

Duet 1.5 Client Install Requirements

The client install requires 4 steps to complete the installation at this point, not counting the pre-requisite components (a complete list of client hardware/software pre-requisites are found in the Duet Installation Guide).  The following outlines the client installs that must be carried out after all pre-requisites are met.

1. Install client software from DVD – this is the client install provided on the latest install DVD. Execute the setup.exe file from the DVD @ Microsoft\Installation Files\OBA Client\Setup Files\EN – in this example it show install for English language, use the required language install folder for your environment.

2. Install client & server SP1 – download KB article from – apply the client patch “Duet_1.5_102.msp”. Note that in addition to the client patch, this KB provides required fixes for the server. Also apply the included patch for the MetaData Service and Request Handler services and apply the updated group policy objects. Remember to apply changes to the IIS security settings after applying the server components to avoid authorization errors as discussed in, as the prior settings will be removed during the uninstall process. The article guide provides details on the steps required to apply all of the patch components.

3. Install client patch SP1HF1 – download KB article from – apply the client patch “Duet_1.5_103.msp”. This is a client only patch, no server patches are required. Refer to the patch guide included with the article package for detailed installation and verification steps.

4. Apply the latest client tools to the clients. Download the updated tools from KB article from – copy the tools/files provided with this article to the client Microsoft Information Bridge framework folder, the standard location of this folder is “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Information Bridge\1.8\Framework”. Note: don’t copy the sample install vbs script included in this package to the clients. Refer to the patch guide included with the article package for detailed installation and verification steps.

This is the complete set of install client steps at this time, future patches will require additional installations.  You should always check for newer patches on the site.  I will update this blog as we release newer patches.

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      Thanks for the making this note.  I will update this post to avoid downloads of the older item and I will make a brief post outlining the revised script.

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