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Testing the Drag and Drop Upload applet for SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management

Did you ever want to enlarge the user interaction capabilities of your SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management Document Explorer? Here comes an applet that allows users to upload one or more files to a KM repository by just dragging and dropping them to a drop zone as part of a standard KM explorer. This piece of code was originally part of a pilot shipment and was now adapted to work as a component in any KM collection renderer by SAP NetWeaver development.



To test this applet, upload the par file to your SAP NetWeaver Portal system. It also contains a KM component called MultiFileUpload which can be directly used in a collection renderer. In the example above, this component was added to the AdminCollectionListRenderer which is used in the AdminExplorer. The Components parameter of the Collection Renderer specifies the components that are displayed along with the collection. The collection itself is described by the alias this. In the configuration guide for SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management you can find more information on how to influence the display of components by using modifiers.





A zip file that contains a par file for an initial test  and the source codes for further adapting this applet to your needs is available for download at SDN. Please be aware that this code is provided “as is” without any warranty obligations whatsoever on the part of SAP. It is just meant as a starting point to which some restrictions still apply:


  1. This applet is not part of the official SAP delivery and therefore, only signed with an SAP Test Certificate. So you will probably see the following pop up when you first execute it in your landscape. You can choose to always trust content from this publisher, so the warning will not be displayed any more. But if you do any changes or enhancements to the coding, you will have to add a new signature to the applet anyhow. image
  2. No automatic refresh: When uploading files with the Drag and Drop applet, the content of the current folder is not refreshed after upload. So you receive a message that the files were successfully uploaded, but to see the new files in the file list, you have to click on the folder name again.
  3. No property handling: This upload dialog does not support entering properties. Even if mandatory properties are defined in this folder, the user is not prompted to fill them.
  4. There is an issue that the upload does not work properly, if there is an umlaut in the current folder’s path.


I am looking forward to your comments and experiences with this applet. Thanks for sharing your propositions how to overcome its current drawbacks.

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  • Hello, great blog and I would really like to test this applet on our system. I have uploaded the .par. Now I have a problem when adding it to the collection list renderer. When I enter “MultiFuleUpload+ this” as in your screenshot the system says “MultiFileUpload” is not a component ID that is defined in the configuration.
    any suggestions on how to solve this ? mabye I miss a step, please explain the configuration in more detail. thank you, Johannes
  • Hello,
    I have installed the multi file uploader according to your good guidelines, and it works. however, very frequently when I drop files and then click somewhere in the KM folder, my Internet Explorer will just close, no message, nothing.
    do you know this problem ? any solution ? It happens with IE7, have not checked other versions.
    • Hi,
      I just tried to reproduce your problem, but with my portal, this does not happen. I uploaded several files and clicked around, but navigation worked fine. I have never seen this behavior before either. I am also using IE7, so I do not think that it is a browser version issue, but I do not have any idea what the problem might be. Sorry