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Highlights on the CRM2009 Conference – March 2-5th, 2009

The CRM2009 Conference ( attendance this year was smaller then last year given the economic climate, but early survey reports show that all of the sessions had good attendance and great reviews.

As promised, I’d like to share a few highlights, pictures, demos, and interviews that were conducted during the conference:

Jujhar Singh,  Senior Vice President of CRM Product Management & Global Strategy at SAP, gave a remarkable keynote which was filled with insight into SAP CRM and its product direction; Maricel Cabahug, CIO of Yaskawa America spoke about their successful CRM execution strategy and implementation; and to lighten things up, Keith Hontz and team did an extraordinary skit (instead of a typical SAP CRM demo). They surprised the audience with their fresh approach and the demo came alive with valuable SAP CRM information, and a lot of fun and laughter. (You really should checkout the replay to catch those one liners. If you missed it…the video is now in editing and will become available very soon.)

Paul Greenberg, President of the 56 Group, EVP of CRM Association, Chief Customer Officer of BPT Partners, author of “CRM at the Speed of Light” and key CRM influencer, played an active role at the conference. Paul blogged and interviewed key SAP, customer and partner attendees. These interviews are availbale as audio podcasts. Here’s the initial set of podcasts now live in CRM elearning  – with more to follow soon:


  • SAP CRM 2009 Conference Podcast: Dr. Ralf E. Strauss Podcast(AUDIO 8 MB)Time: 00:05:35 – Paul Greenberg asks Dr. Ralf E. Strauss Head of CRM Marketing CRM Global Product Management SAP AG about his new book “Marketing Planning by Design: Systematic Planning for Successful Marketing Strategy” and why he wrote it at the SAP CRM 2009 Conference. (LS100036)23 Feb 2009
  • SAP CRM 2009 Conference Podcast: Bridge-x Technologies Podcast(AUDIO 12 MB)Time: 00:08:25 – SAP partner, Sanjeet Nalgundwar, President of Bridge-x Technologies, talks with Paul Greenberg about “Practical SOA” the approach and methodology at The SAP CRM 2009 Conference. (LS100034)23 Feb 2009
  • SAP CRM 2009 Conference Podcast: Crestron Electronics, Inc Podcast(AUDIO 22 MB)Time: 00:16:08 – Crestron Electronics, Inc..a world’s leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology and reinventing the way people live and work. Andy Ho, talks about their SAP CRM Service (Return Authorization) RMA implementation with Bearing Point and Paul Greenberg at the SAP CRM 2009 Conference.23 Feb 2009
  • SAP CRM 2009 Conference Podcast: Jujhar Singh Podcast(AUDIO 12 MB)Time: 00:09:00 – Jujhar Singh, Senior Vice President of CRM Product Management & Global Strategy at SAP outlines the differences between the SAP CRM 7.0 and SAP CRM 2007 products during an interview with Paul Greenberg at the SAP CRM 2009 Conference. (LS100033)23 Feb 2009
  • SAP CRM 2009 Conference Podcast: Marco ten Vaanholt Podcast(AUDIO 13 MB)Time: 00:09:45 – Marco ten Vaanholt, Vice President SAP Community Network Global Ecosystem and Partner Group tells Paul Greenberg’s about the “amazing work in all the interesting and innovative community networks.” (LS100035)23 Feb 2009
  • SAP CRM 2009 Conference Podcast: System Suite Management Podcast(AUDIO 14 MB)Time: 00:10:25  – Richard Campione, SAP Sr VP of System Suite Management answers Paul Greenberg’s question: “How does CRM as an application fit into the SAP Enterprise Application Strategy from a forward thinking standpoint” (LS100027)23 Feb 2009

We had an exciting SAP CRM social media launch at the conference.  As a compliment to our vibrant CRM BPX community, the SAP CRM team launched Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr social networking channels.  We encourage everyone to check out these new channels in order to:


  • talk to people like you – become a fan of our SAP CRM facebookpage
  • hear the latest buzz — visit our Twitter channel at and search for “#CRM2009” at for dialog about the conference
  • check out engaging and educational videos — subscribe to our YouTube channel at and check out the footage from the conference
  • view pictures from SAP CRM events — visit to check out all of the pictures of the CRM 2009 Conference from demo pods to enjoying the night out with colleagues, friends and partners.

Many customer and partner attendees took a tour of our CRM and Industry BPX communities and were impressed on the amount of information in our on-line community. One SAP customer even said, “SAP BPX is a well kept secret! “ Another: ” I do not have to pay for this – It’s free?!”

We are continuing to get the secret out!  But we need you, as community members to help “spread the word” too!

Thank you! To all of our valued CRM BPX community members who came by to introduce yourself. And for our new members  – Welcome to our vibrant CRM community!

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