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Update to Web Dynpro Java Mind Map

Update to the Web Dynpro Mind Map

To download the latest version of the Web Dynpro Mind Map, please visit the new SDN Wiki page on the subject.  You can access this page by starting from the SDN Wiki page and then selecting

Web Dynpro Java -> Learning Map -> Web Dynpro Mind Map

New Features

I have updated the Web Dynpro Java Mind Map to include links to new 7.1 Web Presentations in SDN.  This includes information on development best practices and a new presentation on the Phase Model in 7.1

Downloading the mind map file

Please be aware that when you download the mind map file, your browser may identify the file as a ZIP file (which is actually correct).  But then it might tell you to open it using WinZIP (or WinRAR) and then rename the extension from .mmap to .zip.

This is an annoying feature of the browser (I know, it’s just trying to be helpful – or it’s just trying… depends on your point of view) and if you don’t catch it, you will have to manually rename the file extension back to .mmap before it can be read by the Mind Manager viewer.

Please do not unZip the file, as this will really confuse the situation!

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    • Hi Marilyn
      That URL is simpler, but I was showing people the route into the Mind Map because we all know how easy it is to find things in SDN, especially if you have lost the direct link...
      Chris W
      • One of the best kept secrets in finding things in the wiki is to do the search using the wiki search field (rather than the general search in SCN).  I just input "Web Dynpro Mind Map" in that wiki search and it immediately pulled up your page as first hit 🙂