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SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation – evDRE formatting

The sequence of events:
To fully understand what happens when a report is expanded; it is helpful to know exactly what sequence of events takes place when an expansion is triggered. For the adventurous, here is such sequence:

  • The member sets to apply is expanded (this includes the members of the formatted sets, if defined)
  • The suppressions is performed
  • The data is refreshed
  • The formatting instructions is applied
  • The sorting instructions is applied
  • The before- and after-ranges of sorting is inserted, with their formats
  • The formats of the formatted sets is applied
  • The before- and after-ranges of the expansions is inserted, with their formats

This sequence has been carefully tuned in order to make sure that the formats of the before and after ranges as well as of the formatted sets are never overridden by the formatting instructions of the format range. In other words, if some portions of the report come as already-formatted, the format instructions will not break such pre-defined formats.

If there is a conflict between an EVDRE option and workbook option, The evDRE option will win against the workbook option, since it is regarded as more specific than a workbook option.

Also note: A refresh without expansion doesn’t change only the cell value, since the format range could be related with value. For example, if there is a criteria such as “if value > 100, then RED”, evDRE will change the format in data range.

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