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LookUp in to the MDM From SAP PI

h2. How to LookUp in to the MDM From SAP PI using Java API  .zip on the installation media you received. You can download it also, especially important after an update of the MDM Server, from the SAP Service Marketplace:  (  -> Download  -> Support Packages and Patches  -> Entry by Application Group  -> SAP NetWeaver  -> SAP MDM  -> SAP MDM 5.5  -> MDM JAVA API h3. During development in SAP PI 0.1. Unpack the archive with the JAR files and the Javadoc of the MDM Java API on your PC. 0.2. In the +PI Enterprise +Services Builder, import the following 6 JAR files in to Imported Archive. * mdm-admin.jar * mdm-common.jar * mdm-core.jar * mdm-data.jar * mdm-protocol.jar h1. image
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