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Logging for Rules in a Process DC in CE 7.1

Rule logging within a Process is not available in CE 7.1. It is tough to figure out which Rule/Condition/DT is creating a problem. However, there is a work-around to log messages from Rules in the Application Server log file. These messages can be used in identifying in the problem.

 Here is what needs to be done,

  1. Create a variable of type and initialize it to System.Err.
  2. In the Rules where you want to log a message, for e.g. a simple message that the Rule was fired (from which one can analyze which Conditions are satisfied), add an Execute action on the variable created. Call the method println of the variable and pass the message you want to be printed.

Once the Process is executed, the Application Server log can be used to find the messages that Rules would have logged in the process.

 There is an article on a step-by-step procedure of how to achieve this at the following location:

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