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Collaboration Features of Enterprise Mashup Application Platform (EMAP)

Enterprise Mashup Application Platform (EMAP) recently was extended to incorporate collaboration features that will ease the mashup creation process when multiple users are involved. Every mashup application created with EMAP is assigned an owner, by default the creator of the application. The owner may edit the application, delete and create new applications, and when an application is finished, may share it with the community by publishing it.

Every user can access their own applications as well as other users published applications. Furthermore, when a user desires to extend an already public application that somebody else owns, simply clone the application for their purpose and start editing it. The cloned application will be under the new user’s ownership as a private application, which in turn can also be made public.

These features aim to allow for better collaboration at application level and sharing of results with the community. This will enable better application support since more than one developer can now address problems and extend functionality. Also, this enables development of not-to-be-published applications which may remain private in the  
user’s context.

Besides this features, EMAP will soon support the rating of applications, sharing of private applications with select users, developer notifications for application feedback and the integration of other services such as Twitter or Facebook to talk  about your applications.

For more details on EMAP, refer to my previous blog post titled Enterprise Mashup Application Platform – A Research Project from SAP Research, Palo Alto

The live EMAP system is going to be avialable shortly. Stay tuned for EMAP updates.


Please let me know your feedback.


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