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20K for Best Polestar Mashup

The game is officially on, and the time is short. On Thursday March 5th we officially launched our Polestar OnDemand Ideation challenge on Innocentive.  Innocentive, a partner of the SAP Community Network is hosting this SAP sponsored challenge which will reward $20,000 to the developers of the best Polestar Ondemand mashups. We had originally budgeted 10K but at the last second we decided to go big and donate an extra 10K. This challenge will only last for 30 days, so don’t delay register today.

For more about the contest and Polestar OnDemand, see my two previous posts.

Now in the grand scheme of things 20K isn’t really a lot of money, but in today’s world it’s nothing to laugh at either. I think every developer who is considering entering the challenge first wants to know what kind of effort it is going to take to create a Polestar mashup. Well, it all really depends on your level of skill, but I believe we have made it as easy as we possibly could. With the resources that we have provided even a novice developer should be able to create a proof-of-concept within an hour.

The Polestar REST API focuses on two things:  adding datasets, and viewing the datasets.  There are a few more calls, but most apps will be concerned with sending data to Polestar to be viewed in the Polestar interface. To make it as easy as possible Ted Ueda from our Developer support team has Polestar in the cloud Web Services API – Sample Codes. These sample apps should get you up and going very quickly. The documentation is also provided as a Wiki on SDN.

You have the samples and the documentation, now all you have to do is come up with an interesting idea. Here are some questions you might want to ask while brainstorming a possible solution. How can Polestar add value to particularly interesting dataset? How can adding Polestar to a current business workflow change the way we do business? You know I would really love to see a mashup with data from, or, but allas they don’t have API datasets yet, I think that would be really interesting personally. The world is not lacking for interesting datasets.

Really the hardest part about this challenge will be converting the external data into the data XML specification. It is no small thing but it should be solvable fairly simply.

We really want your feedback. Let us know what APIs you would like to see? What are we missing? How could we make this better?

Here’s a list of resources that should prove useful to anyone investigating the challenge and the Polestar APIs

Helpful blog posts:

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  • Hi

    I read all your blogs about Polestar technology. Infact, i also had a handson with the link for the application provided. Its really interesting, i was able to visualize the data the way i want. so nice of the tool.

    I truly appreciate your efforts in explaining in detail about various tools via your blogs.

    I have few clarification for the challenge which is posted in innocentive website. here are those

    1.Iam a sap BI consultant with good exposure to BO and crystal reports. Is that the challenge asks me to find a way to integrate Polester with BI or any other application may be .NET. It is already said that we have REST API for Xcel through which i can post the data set to whohar.
    Can you advise me on this.

    • Thanks for you question.

      We are looking for people to integrate Polestar into other applications. Like you mentioned, you may have an existing .NET application that you want to add Polestar functionality to.

      In the end, Polestar must be shown in your demonstration together with another technology.

      Hope this helps.

      • Hello Robert,

        thank You for your resonse. It helped, ofcourse.

        The line from your blog states that

        "Really the hardest part about this challenge will be converting the external data into the data XML specification. It is no small thing but it should be solvable fairly simply."

        My question is if i intend to create a demonstration with MS Excel, I think i dont need to convert this data to XMLspecification right? Because it is already provided as a API. Will it be acceptable as a submission to this challenge.

        To be more specific, i am trying to get data from BI using Open hub destination or as Bex report, which iam providing as data set to polestar. I dont really find the necessity to convert it to XML specific data in my case. Perhaps, i would not have understood. Can you please through some light.

        Thank You

        • If you can get it to work, anything is acceptable.

          The one caution I have is that just because we have an application interface( that accepts Excel files does not mean that there is a corresponding API call to accept Excel files.

          If you look closely at the documentation, it does not allow for uploading Excel files. I have added that feature to our list of requested features, but it does not currently exist.

          • Hello Robert
            Sorry for late reply. I was quite busy with other things. Well, I have already created a dataset in whohar by actually uploading the excel file and i am able to work with polestar.

            Also, The excel file is getting uploaded in whohar and in polestar ondemand portal as well.

            What is not understood by me is that you have mentioned that the feature of uploading excel file to whohar or portal is currently not existing. where as it is avaialble.
            Thank you in advance for your patience and kind reponses.