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A Freshers Guide to ABAP and SDN

Hi all so you have just entered  into the world of SAP-ABAP, You are looking for some sources of help and almost everybody related to SAP will direct you to one place – SDN(SAP Developer Network) but before you login into SAP and start posting queries read the below points they will guide you on how to get help about ABAP from various sources.

So follow these steps which would help you tackle ABAP.

First of all get yourself some professional training. Read this blog by Julius von dem Bussche on Importance on being trained.

So now you are well versed with the basics but still its not easy to remember each and every syntax and sometimes errors may occur, so what do you do? Post query on sdn?


Posting a query on SDN should be the last option for solving your query.

Check these two transaction codes


ABAPDOCU consists of abap documentation along with example programs, you can also download these with help of FM ABAP_DOCU_DOWNLOAD

ABAPHELP helps you get the documentation of a particular keyword along with example.

The above two transactions are very helpful and most of the time will completely solve your problem.

SAP Documentation PDF’s.

SAP provides very extensive documentation on all topics which are very good documents and they help you understand ABAP very well.

You can download the documentation in pdf format from here:

If you still have problem then go to SDN for help.

The first thing to do when you enter the forums for the first time is to read the Rules of Forum

This is very important because violation of rules of forum has resulted in account deletion of many users.

So you have read the rules. Now what to do? Before  you post your query on the SDN search for it in the forums chances are that your would already have been answered before so there is no need to “reinvent the wheel”. Look at top right corner of the window you’ll see a search box, put the keywords related to your query and hit search, You can also set the filter to your search as “Search In” WIKI or BLOGS as many users have written some very good tutorials and code samples on certain requirements which generally are encountered in most projects so it would save your time that you waste in posting the query and waiting for the results.

If your search does not yield any result then post your query in the forums. The ABAP Development forum is further sub classified depending on the subtopics of ABAP such as dictionary, forms, enhancements etc. See that to which category your query is most suited and post your query there, and do not cross post same question in multiple forums.Wait for the results. Always remember to thank people who try to help you with your query by assigning them points, and do remember to close the thread after your query is solved. If you have solved your query on your own then please do post the solution you have got so as to help others who might encounter similar problem.

Follow the above simple steps which make your stay at SDN pleasant and your working on ABAP, fun!

All the best for your careers. 🙂

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