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Polestar OnDemand APIs now available for your Innovation Ideas

Little over a week ago I wrote a blog entry discussing the Get a peek at the hottest product at SAP BusinessObjects preview at Like I mentioned in my blog this preview release provides Polestar functionality to those who don’t have their own on-premise deployment. Here’s a quote from one of the first replies to my blog,

 “think it is a great idea to use the cloud to demonstrate new SAP software.  Are there other ways to input data besides file upload? What about an RSS feed or use of a REST API?”

We now have a REST API that we can share with all of you, and we are hoping that the developer community puts it to good use. It’s a very simple API that should allow anyone to dynamically upload data to Polestar and return a URL for viewing the data inside of Polestar.

We are hoping the developer community at large will take advantage of these APIs and use them to create some interesting applications. To help feed the fire we will be sponsoring an innovation challenge that will award $10,000 to the developers who have created the most interesting integration of Polestar Ondemand . The contest should be launching in the next couple of days, but until then I want to give you a rundown of what the API can do:

  • Get a summary listing of all datasets available
  • Create a new dataset
  • Update a dataset
  • Delete a dataset
  • Retrieve a dataset in XML format
  • View dataset in Polestar

You can find the documentation wiki here:

Another change that we have made was to integrate the Polestar OnDemand Preview with ,also known as Whohar. Whohar is a part of the same platform that is currently running and which both offer cloud based versions of SAP BusinessObjects products.  Whohar has been kind of an undercover community site that allows end users to create and share data mashups using SAP BusinessObjects products like Xcelsius and now Polestar. If you play around on it for a few minutes you should get the idea. Whohar currently has data integration capabilities with,, RSS feeds, and data from Information Ondemand ( Whohar then allows you to take these datasets, mash them up with other datasets, and eventually add analytic templates to visualize them. Late last week the team added Polestar to the list of features that enable you to analyze your data.

I believe we will see some interesting integrations with these APIs. The most successful integrations will likely be ones that are able to mashup data from previously old and archaic data tables and chart on websites and applications with the new and rich interface of Polestar.

Stay tuned to my blog for more details on the innovation challenge, and please give us your feedback on the Polestar REST API.

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  • Hi,

       I uploaded the add-in, and I am using Excel 2003.  The add-in does not show up.  Is there anything that needs to be enabled in Excel 2003?


  • Hi,
      I was able to write flex code and test in Polestar OnDemand early last year. It no longer works for me. I tried the sample code which was given by Ted Ueda - not working. All of these code were working perfectly when i tried in June 2009. Did the Polestar API/input data format change? If yes, is there any documentation on these changes?